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Yes and I think it's telling that Nicks is the first coach we've had in ages to actually sweep out the coaches box. Our other recent coaches always seemed happy with roll with Craig's leftovers. I don't want to be too critical because I don't know much freedom these guys actually had to appoint new staff but I do take it as a sign the culture of mediocrity at Adelaide is starting to change.
Ironically, Craig was the last senior coach to do such.

Also, the fact that these coaches have to be told early August whether their contracts will be extended or not makes it very difficult to change that out if a new head coach comes on board after that time. The whole system is a bit arse up for mine.
It’s not a hard and fast rule, it’s more a directive to coach and club from the coaches association that if said coach hasn’t been offered a contract by that point, the coach should assume he isn’t getting one and look at other options.

It’s just trying to formalise and standardise the process for the welfare of the coach and make sure everyone’s on the same page. The media make more of it than they should, it’s not really a big deal.

I know. His poor judgement is precisely why he should be removed as our football director.

I will never forgive Roo for what happened these last 3 years. He's dead to me.
Yeah, I don’t have an issue so much with Roo making the mistake and trusting Burton. We all make mistakes, the issue surrounds how Roo handled it and behaved publicly. Instead of recognising a clear issue, he buried his head in the sand and and went into full on defensive bully mode. The fact that it took an “external review” to recognise clear cut issues that people outside the club had recognised 6-12+ months earlier is a big issue.

I used to listen to Roo regularly on the radio and be a big supporter, I think he made some good decisions when coming into the club. Sadly, his behaviour and decision making leaves a lot to be desired and I think he’s, no doubt unintentionally, done the club a lot of damage. Recent changes look solid, but jury’s still very much out.

I think a lot of people forget just how good Kreuzer was before injuries ravaged his AFL career...
Agreed, when genuinely fit was a very good ruckman.

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