Opinion Butcher Part 2

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Brownlow Medallist
Dec 16, 2004
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Port Adelaide
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LA Lakers
Pretty sure some Doggies fans wore those masks when he got really crook back in 2014.

IIRC, we played them at Lizbeff the week after (epic game we lost after the siren.)

So maybe it's gone from taking the piss to a "mask of endearment" for Butch...

Ford Fairlane

Feb 21, 2002
Port Adelaide 5015
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Port Adelaide
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Port Adelaide Magpies
Kicked 1.4 today against crows. The 1 goal from a hanger then run into the square to make sure. He missed a 25m set shot a few minutes earlier.

Tried the mark and run a few minutes later but was caught htb.

Spends a lot of time remonstrating at team mates who miss him on the lead while his opponent runs off with the ball.

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