Rumour Campbell Brown Wikipedia

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All Australian
May 14, 2013
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Port Adelaide
Love the old Wika, you can up anything that you want and think you are right. It's a great place, no great for quoting sources lol but you know still alot of fun.

As for Browny, I thought he had gambling issues, can't recall where I heard or read that (not Wikipedia).


All Australian
Sep 4, 2007
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Brisbane Lions
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Cowboys, Storm, SEM Phoenix
Never claimed it to be big news did I? am I not allowed to post threads on a public football discussion forum unless seeking prior approval from yourself?
There's a large group of toxic Lions supporters on big footy. The extremely poor attitude you received towards your funny & interesting post highlights this.
Not being familiar with Kabaddi, I watched a little & lmao. Thanks for your post.

*ps there are still plenty of decent Lions fans. Fitzroy would have been the most popular "second team" in the league for years. Too many gooses think they're cool & footbally, when in fact they're simply fat heads. Every team has those types.
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