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A New Dawn has Broken
Aug 8, 2008
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Welcome to Week 2 of the 2019 Canadian-American Premiership.
Please vote once in each match (unless you are playing in it) and make sure you do not vote for yourself.

This week features the first actual game of the Can-Am 2 Season (final details for Atlanta's first game are still being worked out. The change in the number of teams means that one Western Conference team will effectively play twice, so be careful with your votes.

But more importantly is the return home of the Can-Am Bowl IV champions Seattle. This momentous occasion has to be represented in some way, and that is with the wearing of a one-off special "Status" kit that is only available to the previous seasons champions.

Eastern Conference

New York Turtles

@ Toronto Sixers

Kansas City Buffaloes

@ Miami Vice

Chicago Lakers

@ Atlanta Gators

Western Conference

San Francisco Kings

@ Colorado Bighorns

Las Vegas High Rollers

@ Seattle Space Rangers

Fort Worth Troops

@ Winnipeg True North

Can-Am 2

Wisconsin Wild


Winnipeg True North (Manitoba North Stars)
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