Competition Can-Am Premiership 2022 - Preseason Thread - New bids open

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Aug 8, 2008
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Arsenal, Macarthur FC
Craegus What do you think is the likelihood of this getting off the ground? Like what would be the minimum number of entrants you’d ideally be wanting? I have my team logo sorted but not sure whether to make a start with the kits.

At the moment if I was to consult a Magic 8 Ball the response would absolutely be "Outlook not so good".

Currently I have 4 people who are interested, and a slim possible 5th. I would ideally want an absolute minimum 12 teams to have any sort of decent competition, though in reality 14 (last years participant numbers) or 16 is usually the real minimum for a good competition.

Given that we are now into June, and usually by now the teams are mostly locked in and designs are underway, I would say that the likelihood of this happening is currently less than 20%.


Jul 30, 2020
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Gold Coast
Bumpin' for bids. Had these made already so I thought I might as well post them; looks like it'll be one extinction event too many for this dino :huh:

DC Evo.png

DC Teaser.png

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