Can someone explain the logic behind cats being favs against the Dees?

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Brownlow Medallist
Aug 27, 2014
AFL Club
Other Teams
there are no other teams worthy
If you’re not taking it in a case like this then you’re probably never taking it. Which is fine of course but you did ask for better odds.
I meant better odds for straight out wins.
These teams are not reliable enough this early in season to want to buckle down on margin ranges.


Club Legend
Apr 10, 2015
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Wait for teams to come out..
Yeah I’m a Dess fan, but honestly it’s got nothing to do with that.

They were $1.20 against Adelaide.

Brisbane should have won in the final 25 seconds.

Hawthorn are not expected to do much this year


6 day break

Higgins out

No danger

Is this easy money or am I missing something?

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I would wait for teams first.. See what Geelong players come back... If Cameron returns not sure i would gamble...


Brownlow Medallist
Jul 26, 2007
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West Coast
Simplest explanation, would be Scott's presser earlier this week re: injuries and who we have returning -

OUT: Evans (2 game small forward), S. Higgins (has not started the season well, or adjusted to his new role yet so no great loss), Constable (sub)

IN: J. Cameron (2019 Coleman Medalist), Menegola (2020 AA Squad member - most considered unlucky not to make final squad)

Fair turnover in talent in just one game
With dads army you need to get used to turnover each game.

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Norm Smith Medallist
Apr 12, 2010
AFL Club
Yeah I'm surprised by those odds and think Melbourne are overs.

The only thing maybe is that for all the talk of Melbourne's good start, who have they beaten?

Geelong haven't had the toughest of games either I'll admit, though Brisbane were a prelim finalist, and Adelaide played well in round 1.

Freo, GWS and the Saints seem to be pretty crap at the moment. Then again it's hard to tell who is good and who isn't this early in the season. Hence last year / last few years form holds just a little bit more weight.


Brownlow Medallist
Mar 11, 2010
AFL Club
Not saying the Dees won’t be good this year but they’ve haven’t beaten anyone yet.

Fremantle at home, St Kilda and the listless Giants I’d say Essendon who I have pegged as a bottom side would have been a reasonable chance to be 3-0 with that draw.


Hall of Famer
Nov 12, 2002
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People are just apprehensive about the Demon's, been plenty of false dawn's before.

The list of teams you've beaten so far (Freo in Melbourne, St Kilda and an injury hit GWS) isn't awe inspiring either.

Best thing is to beat them and show if you are the real deal or not
Exactly. When a team emerges, it takes a fair while for people to be convinced.

See Geelong early 2007, Richmond early 2017 etc. It's not until they start reliably beating teams that they'll be trusted. Just how it goes.

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