Can we Afford both De Goey and Grundy

Mar 11, 2008
AFL Club
It's an interesting discussion.

Grundy is the best player in the league and only just turned 25.

De Goey is only 23 and is probably the best impact player to come into the league since Franklin. When he plays forward, he's our best forward and when he plays mid, he's our best mid. The guy's a superstar and is worth a bucket of cash.

WCE managed to hold onto McGovern and Gaff last year, but Grundy and De Goey are collectively better and worth more overall.

The last three times a club at the top end of the ladder went through a similar situation, Ablett went to the Gold Coast, Franklin went to Sydney and Thomas went to Carlton (lol Carlton).

I think we'll keep them, but we've got our work cut out to do so. Some other blokes will be taking unders, especially if we win the flag this year.

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