Can't Copy and Paste from PDF Files

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Oct 18, 2009
Mornington Peninsula
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I have saved Web-Sites as PDF Files as just in 1 File and not File and Stuff in Folder.

I did that on so I can copy and paste the Cheats on my Gaming PC(Not Connected to the Internet) but I can't find a way of doing that.

I tried quite a Few PDF Programs

Please Help


Dec 22, 2020
Ontario Toronto
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Actually I mostly use the online PDF editors. I mean, they are really great, easy to use and you do not have to install tons of apps on your pc. However, just like the guy said above, there is no point in using them in case you have an image in your pdf file. In case you have an image you still have to use the acrobat reader or a simar app to that. Taking into consideration that mostly I do not need to edit any files with images in it, I am only using the online editors. The best one I gues is the . It is really easy to use, and you got almost all the features you need.
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