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Apr 25, 2019
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Holden (Supercars)
Sounds like that’s it for our delistings. However in years gone by we needed to take a minimum 3 in the draft - plus Chloe Dalton to come back in as well, which means 4 spots needed.

So either someone may request a trade, or we are just waiting to see how things pan out closer to trade/sign period.

For reference -
Out of contract: Vescio, Hosking, Harris, Brazzale, B. Walker, Jones, Pound, Stevens, McKay, Trudgeon (A few best 21 players in there who should re-sign 🤞🏻)

First-years: Hill, D. Walker, Laing (Expect we will sign all three)

Signed 2022: Harrington, Prespakis, Gee, Laloifi, McEvoy, Egan, Dalton, Moody, Plane, O’Dea, Guerin, Wilson, Vernon, Gibbs

Not sure about Hammans but presume she’s on a two-year deal?

Stig O'Hara

Hall of Famer
Sep 10, 2003
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Nicholas Reece might wanna check his facts. There was never a time, 70s or otherwise, when 70k got into Princes Park. Largest ever was 64/5k for the Bloodbath GF in 1945. A full house was around low 30s and that broke every local by-law there was.
Late 70’s we were getting 40k+.

‘79, when Magro got Jezza, there was over 46k shoe-horned in.

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