News Carlton Football Club: Debt free and record membership.

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Everyone Looks Better In Blue
May 31, 2012
AFL Club
Sorry but I am hanging for a Carlton premiership just be an arrogant flog again.
No need to apologise - I've enjoyed the Richmond posters lairing it up- good on them - and can't wait for our turn to show them the aristocratic version of celebrating #17 and daylight between us and the next 2.


Premiership Player
Aug 30, 2017
AFL Club
Carlton have become everyone's second favourite club, with most people I know hoping we do well this year. Kind of like what Richmond used to be pre-2017 when they were still likeable
Not sure... I'm not that old, my friends certainly wouldn't remember experiencing much of our glory days up to '95, but they sure as hell aren't barracking for us.

There's a bit of friendly optimism about us but nothing like the Dogs had in 2016.

I don't want us to be anyone's 2nd team. That's the equivalent of a 'most improved' award, especially if it's coming off the back of sentiments like I hope you can make finals this year, that'd be great!

It's better when we're disliked by the masses; what Richmond has now, what Hawthorn & Geelong have had (& still have the affects lingering...).

Give me ultimate success and the hatred that comes with it.

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