Carlton in the Media (articles, podcasts etc) - Part 3


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May 11, 2019
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Ang is a nutcase.

I remember getting a photo with Kouta & Ang in 95 after the GF at superstars & Legends at Chaddy.
After the photo was taken I had asked Ang what it felt like when he went up to receive his medal and the crowd was belting out woof woof woof...

I got as far as what did it feel like when......and he jumped in close to my ear and said "f*n sick f*n sick f*n sick. Pretty sure he hadn't slept and was off his head. Who could blame him?!

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I don’t think calling someone a “nutcase” tells us anything, seriously.
Fortunately you then stated some facts. Clearly you were generalising from the particular!

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