News Carlton to field standalone Reserves Side in 2021

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Collective Narcissism Support Group
Sep 22, 2011
62 West Wallaby St.
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Wensleydale Wanderers
Nice. Great news.

I assume we sign players to the reserves team, like other standalone clubs do.
Yes, I was interested in where we get top ups from when we are one or two down. Northern Knights or a different league perhaps?

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Aug 28, 2013
Princes Park
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LA Lakers
The big question...will we see curtain raisers?
I sure hope so. You'd love to see it. Will help with travel arrangements interstate at the very least.

The new format will be interesting as well, will be good to see the young prospects of the northern afl teams play in a stronger 2nd tier comp. We will all get a better look at them recruiting wise.

I'm guessing that 22 teams means that each side plays every week across the season too. No more byes or missed weeks giving our young blokes problems with their form and fitness. This is great news. Hopefully it's financially viable.
I'm not sure if they've announced any details over the comp, but I'd suspect it might be 22 games, play everyone once and maybe a rivalry double up - just so its 11 home 11 away, and northern clubs can have an away game in their own city. Maybe we will get to play the Bullants at PCO every year :p

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Coona Blues

Director of Coaching
Nov 3, 2011
Bundaberg, Qld
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Clubs, ours in particular, should rejoice at this initiative. The largest take away/opportunity for me would be to have the chance to adopt a, for want of
a better term, supplementary list to support the main club. Rightly the AFL is looking a trimming the lists to some degree. This is fine, providing a mechanism
is in place for safeguards against prolific injury, as well as a development path.

While a couple of clubs are not going to be "stand alone", the vast majority are. Expecting a staggered trimming of the main lists, perhaps by two in each of
the coming seasons, there needs to be opportunity to retain access to mature back up types as well as the opportunity to trial a couple of kids, especially
those with a degree of affiliation. The impact of covid putting dozens, if not hundreds of potential players in limbo is going to take at least a couple of years
to balance out. Our potential father/sons this season are, most likely going to be left in limbo. An opportunity to offer opportunity to the boys to strutt their
stuff and be under our banner would be ideal. Imagine having a Simmo in the wings nurturing the youngsters, a break glass KPD like Goddard, or a reportedly under committed BSOS with a demotion wake up call(I remain certain he has the ability). One that occurs to me would be the chance to add Joshua Cripps a young KPP/ruck who would likely have been on our radar if he played this season and have some call on an "automatic" list addition next year while working on his development for a season(obviously dependent on not being picked up in the draft). The scope to place an LTI like Kemp on that list and replace with a supplementary would be perfect. Surely this would be looked at.

Our list management team would be so very torn at the moment as the moment of truth nears. Players like Macreadie, Polson, Moore, Phillips, even Kennedy
are waiting on final calls. Do we keep semi developed types? Do we draft more promising kids and start the process over? Do we top up with a DFA or two to
safeguard positions lacking depth KPD and ruck the obvious. Having half a dozen spots (arbitrary number) to juggle a couple of extras outside of the cap would be ideal.


Norm Smith Medallist
Aug 16, 2015
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Definitely an interesting comment in the press release by Brad Lloyd in regards to the streamlining of the football department, in particular the coaching area.

This year we had a Head of Development (Luke Power) and 2 development coaches (Daniel O'Keefe - def & Jason Davenport - fwd). I think Davenport was even stood down during COVID shutdown and I'm not sure if/when he resumed. We never bothered to fill Stanton's old role of midfield development coach when he was promoted in the reshuffle after Bolton's departure.

Hopefully this announcement means we can begin shuffling our assistant coaching ranks.

Would Luke Power be head coach of the VFL team as he is the Head of Development, or will we hire a designated VFL coach - replacing Josh Fraser's position?

Huge positive step in regards to development. Means young mids like Dow, Stocker, Philp and Ramsay will be able to develop with proper midfield time instead of competing for scraps after guys like Frank Anderson, Sam Fisher and Tom Wilson get priority.
I think I read earlier that Sam Mitchell is head coach of Box Hill and the head of development, it might be a trend, what better way to be across development than actually coach the kids.

Blue and Blue

Norm Smith Medallist
Jul 29, 2018
On the glory road
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Luke Power to coach?

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