Game Day Carlton v St Kilda Practice Match Gameday Discussion

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Oct 23, 2009
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I used to oft wonder where this fragility of mind came from with regard to carlton supporters and the big bad media commentators - then I stopped................
I used to listen to him ask open questions and then disagree and have the last word with nearly every caller on SEN on the drive home every night - then I stopped.... ;-P

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Nov 3, 2020
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Managed to re-watch the game over the weekend, and see what we could improve on for Thursday.


Individually I thought we did really well, but cohesion in defence let us down. Membrey, King and Lonie were too good.

Doc had 7 turnovers :eek:

I think our main problem was our back line pushed too far up the ground on attack, leaving us exposed on fast breaks during St Kilda's rebound from defensive 50.

Our disposal was poor, and entry inside 50 wasn't much better. A few more taller marking options would've been nice, but we did well considering the injuries.

We MUST do better at stoppages. We lost them 18-30 last week, imagine what Richmond will do to us.

Our 3 main deliverers i50 were Walsh, Williams and Curnow. All 3 of them had disposal efficiencies of 60%.

IMO, Willo and SPS need to get out of defence ASAP, they probably had the quietest games (not always a bad thing as a defender). The only problem, with both Newman and Marchy still injured it's very hard to get Willo/SPS onto a wing or on-ball. I guess that just shows the importance of a fully fit squad.


Overall thought we did very well considering our injuries, and boy did we have a huge list. Curnow, Gov, Levi, Harry, Weiters, TDK, Newman, Marchbank and Betts could easily all be in our best 22, and were all injured.

Pitto, Fish, Murph, Williams, JSOS, Setters, Fog, Jones and Saad amongst our best.

Hopefully we'll do well on Thursday, but there are a few changes I'd make to the side. The 4 omissions from the bench personally should be Moore, OMac, LOB and Newnes (injured - could be available, but I'd rather just rest him for a week). Betts I feel comes in for Cunners (very stiff to miss).

GO BLUES, and bounce the ball FFS!
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