Cars pulling big dollars at auction

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Oct 7, 2001
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$700k and counting.

I’m really surprised that this vehicle is reaching those figures.
It never really achieved anything of note. If winning an opening round of the touring car championship is the best that can be used to pump up the price, then there are many, many suckers out there.
If I had the cash to stump up, supposedly up to $2 million, then I’d be looking for a Bathurst winning car or a championship winning car.


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Aug 14, 2011
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Terrible news today the driver of the A9X up for auction John Harvey (aka Slug) has been diagnosed with ling cancer at 81.

This guy drove everything & anything - the 76 on the door comes from his days on the speedway in midgets.
There is a classic photo of him in the Bob Jane McLaren M6b at Fuji in Japan.

My favourite memory is him overtaking on the outside at the end of the straight at Sandown heading down to Dandenong Road.


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