Podcast Cat Attack Podcast 2019

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Dec 22, 2015
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Hawkins out is a huge loss, but does give us the option to add an element of unpredictability in our forward line.

Let’s throw Danger forward, inject Atkins into the mids (and bring that tackling pressure from last week) and play Tuohy in the forward line.

What do you guys think?

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Apr 3, 2019
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Since its going to be wet, do you think we could get away with bringing in an extra mid for hawk and shuffling things around a bit, danger/taylor forward etc. ? Or do we need to bring in a henderson/smith/fort? Obviously sav will need some help.

I noticed blicavs playing on the wing last week and didn’t find him to be that effective compared to how he is in defence. Is he likely to stay there or head back to defence? He seems the most likely lynch match up for mine. Thoughts?

Cheers guys keep up the great work


Jun 8, 2006
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Why wasn't Blitz moved onto Lynch? :p

Why do you think we're not prepared to give youngsters like Buzza and Constable games in the seniors during finals when there are spots open, instead of moving defensive players into other parts of the ground to fill the void?


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Dec 10, 2003
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Guys.. I want to thank your for stuff thru the year ... its much appreciated ..:thumbsu:

One more time.. with cheese on it ...

The Triumvirate of cookcarterscott.com seems to be getting more and more removed from the clubs supporters... or at least some of them. The public face of the club seems to be verging towards being recalcitrant , perhaps a bit belligerent to anyone who voices a degree of unhappiness with the clubs approach to anything. Any question is condemned and minimised as just being a "noisy minority" not worthy of the response. What would you know.. we know not you etc etc...

Now there was a mention by ColCar that some of the letters sent to him were foul... I certainly think there is no need to plumb the depths of deravity to voice your displeasure ... but I also think that just because most supporters do not send negative letters to the club that all followers of the club are swimming in an opiod like state of gooey happiness willing to just snooze along with whatever the club says and produces...

So...does the club and the coach have a PR problem?


Chris Scott sasy we will be better next year.... I guess my concern going forward... If a guy who has 31 touchs and 3 goals in a final walks out the door ... is it all over... . How can we possibly be better next year if we lose Kelly..?

and finally ..can we do a post trade or post trade and draft edition ...im sure most would appreciate it..?


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May 8, 2015
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Hi guys, I sent in the post attached below in the aftermath of the debacle against Collingwood. I feel that I could quite easily submit basically the same post in the aftermath of the prelim and most of it still be relevant:

- The club continues to make ridiculous coaching decisions in finals - see Blicavs on the wing.

- The club continues to treat supporters like fools - see the way in which Colin Carter believes it to be just a vocal minority of fans that have issues with what's transpired in recent times.

I have never been so disenchanted with the people at the club as I have been this finals series. It seems to me that there is an enormous disconnect between the club and the supporters.

Hi guys, apologies for the incoming rant:

I think this club needs to have a good hard look at itself. How can things have gone so pear shaped since the bye? How can we perform so badly in finals for the 4th year in a row? Sure the season isn't over yet but that performance on Friday night was diabolical. Why does this club insist upon making ridiculous selection decisions in finals?

And it isn't just the coaching and selection. Why do our senior players consistently go missing in big games? Other than Dangerfield and Stewart, which of the senior boys stood up? Hawkins and Ablett played perhaps the worst games I have ever seen them play. Unfortunately the skipper looks like he is just about cooked.

I have been there for all those woeful finals at the G - 2013 prelim, 2014 straight sets, 2016 prelim, 2017 Qualifying, 2018 elimination and of course Friday night. But Friday night was the one that finally broke me. The club sold us so much hope that things have finally changed and they blew it.

Edit: And now it comes out that the late change was pre-planned and Stanley was told in the final training session, rather than this being an "oops we mucked up the weather". This club continues to treat its fans like fools.


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Oct 9, 2010
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One more time with feeling.

The last Cat Attack Podcast of 2019.

Fire in your questions by 9:30am Tuesday AEDT (That's 2:30pm PDT, dazbroncos)

930 Tuesday is actually 430 monday here... 17 hour difference right now but thanks for caring - I appreciate it. And on that, thanks for making the time to do this all year long. Its been well appreciated by those on Big Footy and in the wider social media world and we all hope it continues.

I know you've said this is the last one but perhaps a Drafting and Trading special at some point before Xmas? It's not like Benny will really want to see ALL the Bengal games... he'll have time lol.. much like me and my Broncos games... but I digress.

As I posted on Twitter...

"8 wonders of the world - Great Wall of China, Pyramids, Great Barrier Reef, Playboy Magazine 50th birthday party and not playing AA FB on Lynch in a PF whos getting off the chain. All amazing events to see and completely unexplainable for 1000s of years"

Playing Stanley in the PF was a good save, but then its 1 step forward and 2 steps back. Blitz, the best defender we have plays on the wing and gets 10 touches. Im not saying he would have negated Lynch but his ability to help out and settle the others back there is undoubted.

Seems like a tactical FUBAR to me. Kinda like playing an experienced defender whose best games have been as a 3rd man coming across as a 3rd man in defensive situations as a stop gap FF in a PF. Especially after giving the Tigers the ammo of saying "they were better last year. " I know I got laughed at for Kruger but after what we got, would it really have been that much worse?? And was PFD in the proverbial witness protection after 1/2 time?

At least with Miers, Shark, SAV, Atkins, and Narkle getting some finals exposure the baseline for what is needed to succeed has been established.
GAJ to maybe go on next year? Id take 15 games from him. HT is done IMO (sadly) - and Hendo will get a 1 year deal as a result.
Take the TK picks to the draft and let Wellsy do his best.

TommaHawk will have taken this hard - harder than most probably expect. He hurt us this time. Perhaps it will light a fire going forward. We will see..

Just seems like a poor finish to a sason of over achievement based on where we were expected to finish at start of the year. Still does not make the disappointment go away.

And ill leave you with this little nugget the likes of which Hydro would appreciate...

They say history doesnt repeat....and thats fair enough.. but tell me its not giving it a fair shake..

1989 - GF Loss
1992 - GF Loss
1994 - GF Loss
1995 - GF Loss

1999 - near Armageddon.

7 years span of GF appearances and then 4 years later almost oblivion and then 8 years later the Promised land 3 times in 5 years.

2013 - PF Loss
2016 - PF Loss
2017 - PF Loss
2019 - PF Loss

7 years span of PF appearances and then 4 years of...... ( TBC)...


Go Catters
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Aug 16, 2008
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The Gov is going to launch off from the Whispering Death long run.

Members and supporters have every right to positively criticise the club after bowing out of the Preliminary Final yet again when the club has loaded up for the now since 2014 to win 2 flags from 2016 to 2020. And, the club is in the business of winning premierships to make the Geelong Football Club a destination club for future players and employees of the club. There are no excuses in elite sport and I think Colin Carter is the reason behind this mediore attitude.

Here are my questions:

  1. Lets go back to the 2013-14 season when the club was doing its list management strategy to get Danger and co so they could win a flag from 2016-2020. Would not a smart list management group and football department realise that the club had to hire experienced top class teaching coaches from 2016-2020 to win 2 flags to take the pressure off Danger, Selwood, Hawkins, Ablett and co? Would not a smart footy chief and CEO realise that the skill levels of the 0 to 100 gamers and 100 to 150 gamers must stand up to the heat of a final? The skill level and decision making skills of the 11th to 22nd player play a crucial role in winning a final and a flag than the brilliance of superstars who carry a side. And, the only way to achieve this goal is to hire the best teaching assistant coaches who can train up the players with the intensity so their skill level can handle the September cauldron.
  2. Do we need a President with the ruthless attitude of a Jeff Kennett who demanded excellence from Alastair Clarkson from 2009 to 2016?
  3. After watching AFL360 when Chris Scott receives regular witness protection, do you find Chris Scott's attitude towards supporters as arrogant when 17 other AFL clubs know how Geelong play and set up each week?
  4. On Sam Newman's podcast last week, Don Scott made the comment that Young Sav could be become an excellent ruckman for the Cats in the next couple of years and he wanted Sam to travel to Geelong to pass on his ruck knowledge to young Sav. Does Chris Scott have an insecurity or ego problem when he does not want to pick up the phone to get Sam Newman to teach our rucks the finer points of ruck-work and get Choco Williams as an assistant coach? Would you agree that he prefers to have his mates on the coaching panel instead of an outsider who can push him out of his comfort zone?
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Aug 1, 2006
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I'm with everyone else here would like to say Thank You for this Podcast and answering our supporters questions.

Tim Kelly....... We all know unfortunately he won't be at Geelong next year... What are your both opinions do you think Tim Kelly is worth in return?

Plus what do you think of this as a option the AFL could bring in years to come

How about each club in the league should have first chance or recruiting a player from there own Reserves team ( eg Geelongs VFL team ) in the way a father son/academy players can get the chance of matching bids in the Draft?


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Aug 18, 2018
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Thanks for the efforts this year guys. I very much appreciated the effort and straightforward analysis you guys put in. I did overhear Chris Scott however mention that your format was too predictable and the other podcasts can work on strategies to play off. He recommended doing your best material in Spanish, which he said would ensure an unpredictable match up. Food for thought

Cheers guys and see you next year

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