2nds Centrals vs Port Adelaide - Round 13 @ Elizabeth

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Nov 16, 2004
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Port Adelaide
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The Mighty Blacks
Thanks, I was wondering if the mud was a reason for the low scoring. At Norwood last night neither team kicked 50pts and its always muddy this time of year and other games, and other 3 games there was a score over 100, there were 2 scores of 90 and a score of 81.

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Team Captain
Mar 10, 2021
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Port Adelaide
His intensity at the ball in the middle in the last was the best I have seen from him in ages. Hitting the ball at speed

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Showed us what we have missed with him sitting at half back. Honestly imagine our midfield with peak Boak, Gray, Hatlett, Ebert and Wines. But our genius coach puts two forward and the other back.


Brownlow Medallist
Sep 9, 2008
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Port Adelaide
Good last Qtr to seal the win after some boring play for much of the game.

Hayes with a monster 22d 42hitouts. Hayes continues to a a great asset around the ground taking marks or at least being a wall making it hard for teams to kick long and mark against him.

Harts massive 33d. Made a difference when put into the centre. We missed mayes today so he filled that hole when he went in.

Garner had a good game. Just so solid.

Butters what a great return. 21d 2goals and 4 clearances. That ability to impact contests and turn it into a clean forward movement for us is awesome and something we need sorely.

mead had some horror moments but lots of good as well.

clurey looked like clurey.

Woodcock impacted the game, but his game looks better on paper than in real life imo. Turns so many kicks into 50/50 contests.

Pasini was a great surprise. Looked absolutely like a 100+ gamer today. Composed, smart and measured.

horrible day for forwards as we gave them next to zero chance but lord made something out of nothing a few times today.

Williams just had nothing to do today. We almost looked like we were playing a game of keepings off with our forwards being the players we were trying to keep it off of.

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