Club Mgmt. CEO: Craig Vozzo - Interview with The Age, comments on list mgmt, lines of reporting - 31/3

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The former umpire?
I think thats Michael from a quick google.

Crag seems to have been the Eagles list manager around 2010, became then their general manager later so we've nabbed him from the Eagles.

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Eagles are a corporate juggernaut.

Provides we have spot checked for all associated hate crimes it seems as good an appointment as one could make.
Well done that is an excellent appointment.

VERY sorry and sad to see him go.

Well grounded in many aspects of AFL commercial and operational matters.

Lawyer who was also at one stage early in his career was a Player Agent.

He has competently filled a variety of roles at our Club.

I repeat, well done you have strengthened your hand while at the same time weakening your oppositions.

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I've been told when he was 5 he tried to cook an ant with a magnifying glass, was unsuccessful but still think that might be cancellation worthy
I can report that when he failed with the magnifying glass he then resorted to freezing the ant with Mentholatum Ice Spray.

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