Chad Wingard VS Gary Rohan

Wingard VS Rohan

  • Chad Wingard

  • Gary Rohan

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Jason mp

Brownlow Medallist
Aug 31, 2015
By the Gabba.
AFL Club
Brisbane Lions
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Valleys. Chelsea.
If you could guarantee Rohan's body would stand up over the next 3-4 years I'd take him over Wingard in a heartbeat, we need pace and he has it in spades.


Apr 18, 2005
AFL Club
Right now, Rohan. But man he needs to do some serious lifting in finals. Wingard just needs to work harder and play a bit more ugly. Long term Wingard could be a mid/ forward and be up there with Cyril Rioli. Rohan can be an elite HFF. Wingard has a few more strings.

Guardian Hawk

Premiership Player
Oct 16, 2003
AFL Club
Strange thread??

Wingard is a dual All Australian, B&F winner.

As far as I know, Rohan has never even finished in the top 10 of a B&F (definitely not top 5) let alone been in consideration for AA.

Rohan averages 9 touches a game and has kicked 113 goals in his entire career (less than 1 a game).

Wingard gets twice as much of the ball (18+ possessions a game) and despite being 2 years younger, has kicked 238 goals (nearly double).

Sometimes people say 'twice the player' as a figure of speech but it is almost objectively true in this case.


Norm Smith Medallist
Aug 17, 2009
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
Since the start of 2014:
- Gary Rohan has had zero goals and ten or less touches 25 times. Wingard's done it 3 times.
- Gary Rohan has kicked 4+ goals or had 25+ touches 5 times. Wingard's done it 24 times (including a match where he had 27 and 4).

Compared with Wingard averaging nearly twice as many disposals, more marks, more tackles, more inside 50s, more goal assists, and has kicked twice as many goals as Rohan.

Tough one to judge.


Brownlow Medallist
Feb 21, 2009
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
Other Teams
Ferrari, Chicago Bulls
We all know Wingard is the better player..... but that doesn't necessarily mean he'd be the one you'd want on the team too..... became pretty evident that he isn't the team player and it's showing up in Hawthorn too, hopefully for his sake he realizes his true potential, but I doubt it.

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Premium Platinum
Aug 25, 2018
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
Wingard seems to be a bit more arrogant to me purely as a neutral spectator. If I was a coach I think I'd rather have Rohan than Wingard in my squad. You also have to consider that Vintage Wingard could tear teams apart in minutes. Rohan has probably had teammates that take the highlights a bit more like Franklin at Sydney and Hawkins at Geelong. Whereas Wingard was one of the main men at Port. Just think he needs to either lighten up a bit and start enjoying it while he can.

Two fine players and I take my hat off to them both.

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