Prediction Changes and Pre match discussion vs St Kilda round 17 @ The Gabba

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Dec 18, 2005
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Not that teams play as listed, but I like seeing Waterman on the wing and Brander as the forward flanker.

Waterman's toughness will be better down back, Brander's skills below the knees better in the forward half.

A lot of pressure on Petruccelle to provide pressure there, that forward line will be run off with ease if we don't start clunking marks.

Running power is low, a lot of these guys aren't endurance based and are more burst players, but I always think we're a fighting chance in the middle with Naitanui and a few good clearance players.

Brayshaw and Ainsworth will block for others and each other, both playing a more natural position, good luck to both of them.

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Aug 6, 2017
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The latest injury update (dated today) on the AFL site
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Why is Cripps indefinite? Returned home for new born baby.
Am I being insensitive saying as a Pro footballer you spend a week or so with a new baby and fly back to do your job, probably like most Fifo's? They could gather family support around his partner while he's away..or is there a medical condition involved?
I guess he'll be back for finals?

Anyways, the team announcement almost looks respectable - but will it all gel?
Endurance will be a big factor..


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Sep 21, 2004
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lol our entire midfield division is depleted in space of 3 weeks. Gov is not 100%,JK is still half concussed, Darling looks confused again, Allen has a sore butt. Ah Chee and Jetta alongside Hutch all goneski. If we somehow win this game, it would be an amazing achievement. Centre bounce for Eagles in 2020- NN with XON Ainsworth and Hammer.who would have thought that?? there is a possibility we might not even have enough players to field for North game.

Weird season, first we get pansted in QLD HUB.Tthen we go on some monster winning streak in Perth( still impressive IMO as we usually drop games in Perth every year- lost to melb in 18, Hawks last year, so winning that many in a row was and always is impressive). now this where we losing soldiers left right centre. Who knows what's next?? we might end up having full strength list fresh and ready for finals and blitz through for a flag.
I keep picturing this and try to not get my hopes up. Like picture us re loading for a last 5 games playing brilliant footy and winning it. Then I wake up and think "nah... surely not?"

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Nov 4, 2010
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Simmo talks about being a role based side, but so far the two young mids coming in this year (Ainsworth & XoN) have played on a flank or a run-with role. The bulk of onball minutes are always taken by the core elites, even if there are less of them to share the load.

Now those elites have broken down (wonder why?) and there is a need to throw at least one newcomer full time into the guts tomorrow night. Will it be Brayshaw, Ainsworth, XON, or a defender like Duggan? Either way, we will finally see something a bit different. Hope Simmo is up for the challenge.

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Sep 16, 2006
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Hoping Gov is a late out honestly. He and NN are our most important players and if he gets injured playing sore and misses finals our season is done.


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Feb 5, 2009
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Surely we're not playing Schofield, Barrass, McGovern and Rotham in the same backline.

I'm assuming Cameron will come in for Gov.

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