Unofficial Preview Changes? & discussion, Semi-Final v Giants, Saturday September 14th, 7.25pm @ Gabba.

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I'm just glad whoever wrote that article isn't in charge at the Lions. Adams had a couple of not so great games V Richmond but he's still a far better option than Lester

Do agree that Bastinac is a good option to replace Robinson
Sometimes we are all a bit close to things. I would like to see Lester in the side. I think he is cooler under pressure than Adams.


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Oct 13, 2001
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I can’t remember any instance where a player sent directly to the tribunal didn’t cop at least a one match suspension. No chance he gets off. Will probably be 3-4 weeks.
One week will do.

Surely there must be some evidence somewhere to implicate Cameron and Whitfield as well.

A week each for them too.


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Jan 9, 2009
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Disappointed about the Qualifying final result, however, this team has far exceeded my expectations for 2019 already and this season has been a huge success overall irregardless of what happens this weekend against GWS. In saying that though, I want nothing more than for us to win at least this one final to give us the opportunity to progress to a preliminary final at the MCG in front of likely 80k+ against Collingwood.

The experience this young group will gain from playing against the Cats in round 22, Tigers in round 23/QF, GWS in the semi and then the Pies at the G in a prelim would be invaluable heading into the next 5 or so years. Five finals like games/atmospheres in the back end of this season is going to give guys like Andrews, Hipwood, Clugga, Berry and Rayner so much experience to improve upon. That's why I'm real hopeful we can beat GWS this weekend and get that extra experience. I was pretty flat yesterday after the game against the Tigers the night before but I can feel the excitement building for this weekend already. Win this weekend and the momentum/excitement heading into a prelim against the Pies at the G with no De Goey will be palpable.


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Aug 21, 2013
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experience can never be replaced. I hope we win against GWS so at least a prelim.
The worry is the demons last year and everyone was look at experience and where they fell.
We hopefully fine although everyone remember we a super run with injuries.
So if we can win against GWS I say throw it all at it this year. never know what the future holds.
I had us 8-10 games and 12th.


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Sep 27, 2018
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Charlie Cameron to start on the wing but named forward as usual.
Fagan and the selection team need to change things up a bit but not so much as to change the game plan that has got them this far.
Charlie arguably played his best game ever against Geelong in the 2017 preliminary final that sent Adelaide into the Grand Final that year.
I remember that game he was electric with his run and carry from the wing with stints forward.
Checking his stats that day he had 19 disposals and kicked 5 goals 1 behind.
Not sure who replaces Mitch. A senior spot up for grabs today to someone who performs well in the NEAFL final.
thats top quality


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Sep 7, 2007
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Apparently the umpire that made the most egregious mistakes in our game against Richmond was officiating his first final. Perhaps his last in 2019 also.
Would be appalling if any of them officiated any games for the remainder of the finals series.

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Paul Mac

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Jun 5, 2016
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With Robbo out im looking for someone with a bit of calmness and composure with footy in hand. Bastinac would be my choice. Think he could use the ball well with delivery inside 50 as we are getting plenty of chances.


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Oct 23, 2015
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I can totally see Mitch buzzing around his replacement all this week telling them what to do in situations a,b,c...z.

Would be ever so annoying to have played out the whole year and bomb out in week 1 finals. (note no swear words - not even the ones he said on field when he did the injury)

Hope he’s back for the granny.


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Apr 3, 2017
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Gleeson says there is an "intensity" about the way in which Greene approached Bontempelli, though says he will make no submission about what Greene did with his hands.
oh lovely.

edit: oh they're only asking for a fine. oh well


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It's an interesting point as to whether you stick with a guy who is out of form because you really believe he's your best LT prospect ,or you give him a little spell in the 2's to regain form and pick someone whom you mightn't regard as strongly but just and adopt a culture of the best in form you have at the time getting selected.

Fagan is a coach who sticks with the former option. At least everyone knows where they stand.
Extending that statement implies Cox or Matheison will be coming in for MRobbo. Even though Basti is in better form than others presently.

Why would you waste finals experience on someone who'll be out the door after the game, while you can potentially give it to someone else who is part of LT plan. Fagan likely to ask that LT person to follow the process and play their role.
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