Prediction Changes Dogs V Bombers Round 21

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Aug 13, 2017
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Western Bulldogs
I understand but he always mentions the battlers and leaves out the majority of the team. Should Scott be mentioned instead of any other player. Reporters do not mention these players but he always goes out of his way to talk about Scott, Gardner And Roarke even when he is not playing and neglects to mention others.
Even last week he mention them And Scott and raoarke were terrible.

let’s wait to see who is selected for the finals. As long as Richards, Treloar, Duryea Replace them all is fine but if Scott or Roarke gets a game I would be worried.
You don't reckon he would mention other players who played well at team meetings when he is reviewing the game? The press conferences only go for a few minutes, we only get a small snippet of what he thinks and he cant mention everyone that played.


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Jun 29, 2015
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Western Bulldogs
Ins - Doc and Ed.
Outs - Scott and CD (managed).

Keen to also get VDM back in. Maybe for Roarke (omitted) or JJ (managed).

Treloar to play limited minutes in VFL.
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Oct 30, 2003
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Western Bulldogs
i think Treloar should return via VFL and play 50% game time. With his history of soft tissue injuries need to manage him carevilly. Bring him in against Hawks but play 65% of the game and get back to normal for round 22. Treloar has a track record of not needing many games to regain form. Dunk on the other hand needs games to regain his touch so after another couple he should be cherry ripe for finals. VDM would need a few really good VFL games before a potential call up

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Dec 6, 2005
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Western Bulldogs
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I saw growth in Roarke's game yesterday too. I thought he looked a lot more composed with ball in hand and looked to be constructive rather than be panicky and rush/bomb it. Probably still not quite best 22 for mine but definitely making a case, a useful and versatile depth option.
There was one, collect, shimmy, thenbeautiful kick tot he square (Jouice screamer) yesterday.
We've got a really good collection of foot-soldiers now. Garcia (may have elevated ahead of that status), Roarke, Scott, McNeill. Hannan is there too and VDM is gettign himself right.

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