Prediction Changes Dogs v Freo Marvel Saturday 6/8/2022 A must Win

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Optimistic Dog

Club Legend
Oct 11, 2014
AFL Club
Western Bulldogs
Back to what appears a safe haven Marvel. The rollover dogs do battle against the dockers both after schockers last week. The docker's weapons seem to be more smalls than talls that probably suits us.

I wanted Bruce to be omitted last week but seemed to be on my own with that change. He has a turning circle of the a cruise liner at present and there was one telling moment where he had a break but knew he has no speed at the moment and waited for the tackle in the hope he strength worked.

Outs Bruce, Hannan, McComb on notice Caleb but not this week
Ins Darcy, Mclean, Duryea

Expect to win with the Marvel factor


Premium Gold
Sep 3, 2007
In a good place when we win
AFL Club
Western Bulldogs
Out: Bruce, Hannan, McComb, JJ,
In: Darcy, McLean, Duryea, Treloar,
Sweet could be considered: played his best VFL game yesterday, hopefully not a one off
Sub; Sullivan - wait, we haven't recruited him yet.

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