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Aug 16, 2009
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Well, we are about a quarter of the way into the season and we are done for the year. Finals are out of the question and I feel this is our worst season since 2006.

what needs to change for next year?

My thoughts.

New coach.

Brad Scott doesn’t let players develop through the proper means of finding form in the VFL then having a shot at AFL then going back to go forward.

Moving along players that have had a free ride for too long:

Move on players that are not going to take us anywhere.

Although i am prepared to give them a go under a new coach but the likes of Jmac, Lmac, Turner, Simpkin, Wright, Atley and several others are just not good enough to take us forward.

Goldy, thanks for your service, finish your career elsewhere.

JZ step down as captain, Tarrant can have the role.

Jmac out of the leadership group.

We need to bring in some sort of counselling for our players who become new fathers, how many of them decline after having kids?

I, just like everyone else get very frustrated by stupidity, what i have watched over the last 10 years of Brad Scott just plain pisses me off.

I don’t think i can put myself through watching Brad Scott coach another game.

As it stands, i don’t know what we stand for as a Football club, i watched us as the most ruthless team going around during the 90's, we didn’t take a backward step, if you managed to beat North Melbourne, you must have brought your very best, we didn't lose matches back then, teams had to earn it. Even then we fought tooth and nail and never gave up.

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Shinboner '07

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May 13, 2007
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Sadly, a full rebuild is now required, starting with the coach. Sack him now and play the kids. We need to consider trading players with value for draft picks - this means all our older players who will not be apart of our next premiership tilt. Yes I’d even consider putting Cunnington and Ziebell on the trade table too. Players like Wood, jMac, Atley should all be on the trade table. Only problem is, who would want them...
Nov 17, 2011
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North Melbourne
It's pretty obvious that changes are required at all levels of the football department.

Cam Joyce as a start absolutely has to go. Faced with the task of replacing Brent Harvey, Andrew Swallow, Drew Petrie, Nick Dal Santo, Michael Firrito, Sam Gibson, Daniel Wells, Andrew Swallow, Jarrad Waite, Lindsay Thomas and Lachlan Hansen, Joyce naively went with the strategy of making another premiership push while Cunnington, Ziebell, Thompson, Tarrant Higgins and Goldstein were all still playing. As it stands right now, he has completely failed. Bringing in players such as Hrovat, Morgan, Hartung, Tyson, Hall, Pittard, Campbell and Polec has done nothing but paper over the cracks and make the club feel absolutely directionless.

You look at the side he has put together and it's hard to see what it's building towards. Most of the talent is in the 27+ group and it's becoming clearer that we need to concede winning a premiership while this core is intact. Don't get me wrong as I don't think this means that a complete rebuild is necessary, as honestly they seem like nothing more than a way for poorly run clubs to cover inefficiencies with their recruitment and development, but the club desperately needs to pick a year that they want to win the premiership and start building towards it.

Even if we go with the cliche five year plan, the club needs to look at what their team is going to look like in 2024 and then assess what areas they need to bring in, which leaders are required to help with the transition and which players are disposable. Any side can be turned around in five years by a football manager who knows what they're doing, but it's important to find the right man for the job. As a supporter I can't accept that Joyce is the man for this job as his first vision for the list has spectacularly failed.

the flying ham

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Dec 12, 2006
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Imagine there will be a few on their way out at years end.


Turner (should be gone)

Play Larkey, Durdin and McKay. Sink or swim. Give Murphy a run off half back. Chuck LMac in the middle head to head with the opposing best mid. Go to the draft with a strong hand and draft good mids, a quality small, and some KPF prospects.

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Norm Smith Medallist
Mar 24, 2011
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North Melbourne
Basically the way we are rolling at the moment, you could drop 6 to 8 players from the current side and replace them with vfl players and it wouldnt make much difference at all to our performance, our losses at the moment seem to be only contained by how long the game actually goes for coupled with when the opposition consider the game dusted and rest their better players.
Playing under the same "structure" i couldnt have foreseen we would be any worse off with say larkey instead of wood, or the rat in the place of turner or simpkin. Only non negotiables for me would be cunnington and anderson and maybe pittard. Couldnt care less who they made the other 20 odd players up with because with the same structures the results would be identical. Bard scotts craps on about team balance and backing the players in. This is just management speak, the obvious issue is we are playing without any purpose whatsoever. 18 headless chickens running round would have more direction that what we are seeing atm.
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