Strategy Changes & Pre-match Discussion - Round 20 vs. Carlton, MCG, Fri 28/07, 7:50pm

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After this win now and for continuity sake, no change.

50 min ago I was dropping Cox and Lipinski.

But what if WHE is available?

I want Markov as a starter.

How does Hosk come in?? Hmm
Frampton in; Howe out for mine

ps: won't happen but it's what i'd do.
pps: Noble is still susceptible under pressure; would consider starting Markov in front of him
ppps: would also start WHE if fit in front of Lippa
No way Noble gets dropped. Not in a million years.
Tough to drop anyone after that win. Weather may play a part, we were possibly a little top heavy on a wet and slippery night.
You'd have to say Cox probably goes out if it is wet.
It would be great to put a dent in Carlton's finals chances.

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Has been said that Hosk will be ready to return.

On form the two most likely to be omitted would be Cox and Mitchell. Adams much better than Tom right now.

Cox will be interesting as it's a change to structure. We won't do that unless it's something we want long term. Won't just make the change because Blues don't have a second ruck. Will play our preferred mix of talls as they need time to work together.
I'll be the first to announce this one as a danger game. Not because it's Carlton, but because we're playing on a 6 day break after an interstate blockbuster where we absolutely bored in on a wet night.

Wade makes his money this week.

Reckon there be a Few Changes for the Game
Not open for further replies.

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