Preview Changes & Pre-match Discussion vs. Geelong (QF - Friday 06/09 7:50pm MCG)

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First and foremost, congratulations Scott Pendlebury on game 300.

The ins select themselves. The outs are pretty unlucky but you obviously can't play 25 players.

Sidebottom comes back in.

Who goes out for Sidebottom? I was sure Daicos was going to be Sidebottom's replacement and the swap would be fairly straight forward. I think Madgen can go out now that Moore has a game under his belt and we'll have DeGoey to command attention down forward should we need Roughy to have a dip down back.

DeGoey comes in.

Who goes out for DeGoey? Picking DeGoey is the easiest selection, but picking whom he replaces is the biggest challenge this week. DeGoey will need to replace a mid-forward and that for me means Rupert Wills, Josh Thomas or Callum Brown. Wills is clearly the best inside mid of the three, but the other two are much better forwards. On ability to go forward alone, Wills comes out in this instance. Wills is incredibly unlucky because he has actually been performing quite well since the GCS game and has really balanced our inside/outside mix. Very stiff.

Stephenson also comes in.

Who goes out for Stephenson? For me the decision on who comes out for Stephenson came down to Travis Varcoe or Josh Thomas. I think Josh Thomas is hitting some sort of form and the fact that he's got the extra string in his bow (see above: midfield minutes) it means that he keeps his spot. Although I've really liked Varcoe's game the past month, I just think Stephenson can do the forward position better.

Wait and see on injuries to Scharenberg (concussion), Moore (assuming hamstring) and Thomas (knee).

In short:

IN: Sidebottom, DeGoey, Stephenson
OUT: Madgen, Wills, Varcoe

You wouldn't believe it but this could actually be our strongest side of the year.

PS if Sidebottom isn't ready to return, Wills stays in. Otherwise we'll see what Wells does tomorrow.
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I’m guessing it will be:

Out: Moore (inj), Thomas (inj), Noble
In: De Goey, Sidebottom, Stephenson

Roughead back.


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Mar 21, 2018
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Tonight's "win" has convinced me we are just making up the numbers in finals this year. Moore out... Of the club please. Golsack in... Whatever... Goldy deserves a better send off. Thomas out with a medial. Degoey in. Whe out for Stephenson.

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Apr 16, 2019
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Oh boy :(

1st Final:
Madgen Roughead Howe
Crisp Greenwood Maynard

Grundy Treloar Wills
Phillips Adams Mayne

Wells Mihocek Pendlebury
Varcoe Elliott Stephenson

Sier WHE Noble C Brown

Broomhead T Brown Daicos Crocker

Moore Sidebottom De Goey Scharenberg Thomas Aish Reid Quaynor Kelly Murray Langdon Beams Dunn Cox


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Jul 5, 2004
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I just can’t see how we can play Aish with seven weeks between games and no hit out in the VFL despite the credits he has in the bank. I tend to think Noble survives on this basis as the coaches will like his speed.

It’s entirely speculative right now given the unknowns with injury but I do think the second ruck issue has become somewhat less important given what Grundy offers when on the ground. Based on that I believe Roughead has to be sent back (despite bobbing up in parts) so Madgen makes way there. Our strongest back six is much more important than the ruck hole for 10-15 minutes of a match for mine, effectively 3-5 mins a quarter.

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Aug 20, 2019
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Assume Stevo and De Goey are returning.

Is Sidebottom's sack crack back to normal? Or is it a case of wax on, wax off?

Moore may be facing retirement that was an awful sight.

Thomas is not playing again this year.

Out Moore in De Goey
Out JT in Stephenson
Out Noble in Sidebottom if he is ready

Wells is a wildcard here. Aish may be able to come in if we need another defender. But rule a line through Moore. He is done.


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Sep 29, 2014
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Until we get some clarification over the health of Moore, de Goey, Sidebottom and see what the VFL holds tomorrow it's hard to give a strong opinion 2 weeks out.

If Stephenson, de Goey and Sidebottom all return then you'd think at least one of Varcoe, Thomas or Brown would have to make way.

I'd be loathe to remove the demented wombat in Wills as his physical style seems to be helping our more polished midfielders gain cleaner ball on the outside.
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