Unofficial Preview Changes/pre-match discussion vs GWS

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Apr 3, 2008
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I have to say, in all the time Brad was there, there was never a team selection where I thought “Wow, he did that!” - (in a positive sense). Shaw, in only his third game, has managed that already. I like it. Now, it’s up to Garner. I guess Ahern is fairly clear on what he needs to do as well to break back into the team.

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Aug 21, 2018
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Garner, Zurhaar and Thomas will play the Higgo role in rotating bursts.

All good enough to deserve a crack at it, none have the endurance to attempt it full time.

This will keep our forward line fresh and hard to get settled on,and also make it difficult to negate the "role" they are playing.

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Apr 9, 2008
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Honestly if GWS have a weakness it's that they're extremely soft and like an easy outside game with little physicality. I would have preferred Ahern in to Garner but Garner will add to our aggressiveness moreso than Ahern.

If we can put their midfield under pressure and they can't deliver cleanly to Cameron then we're a fair way to winning.
GWS soft? Lol.


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Dec 27, 2011
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Tarryn will go into the midfield to play Higgins role, and Garner will take TT's role up front. Ahern's problem (apart from the fact that he's not absolutely killing it in the 2s) is that his role is filled by Cunnington; you can only have one handball savvy stoppage player
Disagree on two fronts. TT is yet to play substantial (or any) minutes in the furnace of the centre square. Not saying he’s not up to it but an untried option against one of the elite midfields. Additionally not sure he has the tank yet.

Secondly I wouldn’t regard Cunners as the reason that Ahern can’t get a gig. Different players. Both with great vision and skills according to their attributes yes, however Ben will kill them on the inside with his handball while Ahern can hurt oppositions more with his kicking (i.e. coming off the back of the square or hitting BB on the chest). Personally I would have had Ahern in before Garner. That’s coming from someone who loves Taylor.
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