Unofficial Preview Changes & prematch discussion vs Adelaide - Round 22

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the Ziebull

Hall of Famer
Nov 14, 2010
AFL Club
North Melbourne
Bumped into TT after the game. Sounded like he won't be playing against the Crows and would more likely be back against the Suns the week after.
Did he say why?

He was easily the best north performed player along with Comben

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Brownlow Medallist
Apr 11, 2007
AFL Club
North Melbourne
Other Teams
IN: McKay Perez Thomas Comben
OUT: Walker Lazzaro Ziebell CCJ

B: Hall McKay Scott
HB: McDonald Corr Perez
C: Stephenson Davies-Uniacke Simpkin
HF: Thomas Comben Horne-Francis
F: Curtis Larkey Zurhaar
R: Goldstein Powell Anderson
I: Taylor Young Greenwood Dawson

When Cunners is ready to return he surely comes in for Greenwood.

What will happen though is Mckay and Comben will come in for Walker and Lazzaro. TT will be made to wait another week going by earlier posts and Ziebell will be kept on to save face and Patch won’t do him like that.
Perez should also be playing but will be
sub because he’s still a kid. He had a great game against the Hawks and it wasn’t enough for him to return.

Selection headaches coming up and it’s just typical of North that we can’t get our best 22-25 on the park together until the last ******* week of the year.
Just want some good luck ffs

the flying ham

Norm Smith Medallist
Dec 12, 2006
AFL Club
North Melbourne
Did he say why?

He was easily the best north performed player along with Comben
Probably something to do with the fact he hasn't enough puff to fill a balloon at the moment. Would love him in, but he is very very very unfit.


Club Legend
Jun 17, 2017
AFL Club
North Melbourne
Did he say why?

He was easily the best north performed player along with Comben
Should be pretty obvious given he was puffing like a ******* steam train towards the end of quarters. Nowhere near fit enough


Norm Smith Medallist
Apr 8, 2010
South Adelaide
AFL Club
North Melbourne
Other Teams
South Adelaide Panthers
Unbelievable , but I still reckon we are a chance of avoiding the spoon this year.
West Coke have Freo & The Cats away .
We have the Crows away & a very winnable game vs GC in what will inevitably be a very emotional comeback game for Cunners.


Premium Platinum
Apr 3, 2008
AFL Club
North Melbourne
Other Teams
Man Utd, Celtic, Kildare
Unfortunately, I expect this week’s game is not going to make for good viewing from a North perspective again. Predominately, we don’t enjoy much success in Adelaide these days and there’s absolutely nothing to suggest it’s going to be different this weekend. I fully expect a massive gulf on the I50 side of the ledger. We’ll be banking on Adelaide inaccuracy to give us even the faintest sniff. I hope I’m wrong but I seriously doubt it. We entered R23 last season in far better shape and suffered a pantsing to the tune of 13.20 to 8.6. Not pretty.

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The Dingrel

Premiership Player
Jun 25, 2013
AFL Club
North Melbourne
Other Teams
Brisbane Bandits
In: McKay, Comben
Out: Walker, Lazzaro

I can't see JZ being dropped for either of the last two games and Cunners and TT probably need another in the twos
yeah, sounds to see Goater get a game too, I'd "rest" the captain.

Rob in Cologne

Bring back LT
Jan 27, 2009
AFL Club
North Melbourne
At the game yesterday. Enjoying watching more now that we are playing a bit better.
LDU again showing real class.
Jye was busy and hard at it.
Goldy was good again.
P Curtis showing his tricks. He'll be a star, not just AFL level.
Young belongs and had a good battle with the superstar Heeney.
Corr made Franklin accountable.
I love Stephenson in the back. Forget the odd shocker. He can get us through oppo zones. Tough job and them backing him to do it is a sign of trust from Patch.
Larkey, say no more.
Bailey has improved this year. Now belongs, obviously needs to keep building.
CT, same as Bails. Loved his mark where he defended drop with his body.
CCJ, is building too. He's much better than beginning of year.
Zurharr is always dangerous.
Poor Jack is limping to the line. He ain't being dropped. Offers something in the contest plus leadership we outside the club can't quantify.
I like Kallan two games in.
Sydney are jets, they didn't go easy on us. There's a bit to take away.
Cunners in and we can win against Suns.
JHF, is tired at the mo. An emotional year. A rest over summer, new coach and preseason and he builds his role. Same with Powell, hopefully Laz and Phillips and a few others ... Chom, Ford, Goater and Bergs.
Time to say the age old - it's never as good or bad as you think. Just ask Carlton.


All Australian
Feb 18, 2020
AFL Club
North Melbourne
Other Teams
Leeds United
OUT: Walker (omit), Ziebell (rested), Hall (omit)
IN: McKay, Comben, Thomas, Goater (debut)

Laz stays in as medi-sub only. Deserves more time and still think there is something to work with. Now is the time if ever to see what he can do.


Bleeding Blue and White
Sep 23, 2005
AFL Club
North Melbourne
Other Teams
Arsenal, Chicago Bulls
The Kangaroos are confident McKay will be fit to play the Crows this weekend, but he must get through main training on Wednesday. Archer should return at some level. Expect veteran Ben Cunnington to again play VFL, having pulled up sore on his comeback at reserves level last weekend. – Riley Beveridge

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