Unofficial Preview Changes & prematch discussion vs Adelaide - Round 22

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Massive Unit

The Devil Incarnate
Feb 8, 2011
Melbourne baby!!
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North Melbourne
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Yeah he's always been a bit behind on that front but even if he trained like Jy he'd still struggle given the season he's had.
Agreed. But he needs to come back in the right frame of mind to have a massive preseason.
As we've had essentially zero from them this year, I'm basically considering TT and Will Phillips as new recruits in 2023, but ones that we know have a skillset and huge upside

the Ziebull

Hall of Famer
Nov 14, 2010
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North Melbourne
yeah from the trainings i've been to Jy always stands out so you can see why the staff/players respect him and likely to be next captain
sleevo always impressed in the trainings i went to just from a pure talent perspective, each session looked the most skillful out there

lazzaro, CT and ford also stand out in the sessions ive seen as hard trainers

but its interesting cos if you went to say richmond training i dont think dusty is the best trainer but he dominates game day, so you can get away with not being the best trainer

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Aug 13, 2019
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North Melbourne
Just passed Flyn Perez, CCJ & Goldy in Rundle mall. It’s pissing down. All I heard them say was ‘welcome to adelaide’
I am at Tullamarine where my flight keeps getting delayed. No thunderstorms for my arrival please 🙏

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