Preview Changes: R18 v Richmond

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Jul 12, 2013
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I'm kind of with you, but maybe from a different angle. If Tex goes on to play meaningfully next year and kicks 40 goals, then good on him, he deserves the record. But if he gets the record, retires or turns up next year and can't get in the 22 then his record may look manufactured. That's not on Modra, but it's not how you want records broken. Carried to 200 games, carried to goal kicking record, gave not a yelp afterwards.
Not really. In the end of the day, whilst Walker limped over the line, he had enough quality and longevity to get there, if he does.

The idea of "oh that record shouldn't be broken by a lesser player" is such an odd and pointless take. If it can be broken, break it. Push the bar higher.

Mego Red

The Artist Formerly Known As Kristof
Oct 3, 2003
The East Coast
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Why is it unworthy, to want to see a true legend of the club retain his record?

As a player, and as a club legend, Tony Modra is infinitely superior to Taylor Walker in every possible way. Walker will always be remembered fondly, but Godra is a club legend. I just feel that Modra's legend would be tarnished, just a bit, by having a lesser player take his record away from him.
Of all your sh*t takes, this is probably the worst.

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Club Legend
Sep 24, 2013
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After a couple of tickets for the Richmond game if anyone has a couple going begging this week. Thanks ;)


Norm Smith Medallist
Aug 21, 2008
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Frampton for Walker is surely a given if fit.

I'd piss Kelly off for Talia and let Butts play the Kelly role.

Hamil for Gibbs

Can't see Worell getting a gig tbh.

If someone had said early in the season that we'd be up and about byt the end of the year and that our last game would feature:


I think most people would have said 'dream on'.


Club Legend
Sep 22, 2014
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Look I have no confidence in it happening, But can you imagine what the media would say if we found a way to knock off Richmond this week.

We go from the worst team in the history of the AFL to winning the last 4 games of the year.

Bearded Clam

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Oct 13, 2017
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Think tex might come in so he can break the club record.. frampton out

Which is harsh because I thought Framptons first quarter was decent. Rest of his game was ordinary but we are talking about a player whos not played much footy this year.. how longs it been since his last game?..

Want to see Worrell in for Kelly.

Talia can be wrapped in cotton wool and rested so he’s 110% for the preseason.. absolutely nothing to gain rushing him back in..

Mackay has to come in somehow and play his last game and get a send off.. if he doesnt play it will scream “dont worry David we’re re-signing you for another season”.
With Sholl, hamill, Milera etc there is absolutely no need to re-sign Mookay for another year. Its a complete waste of a list spot in a rebuild no matter how good David has been playing lately.

So “last game gibbs” out.. “last game mookay” in..

No other changes.

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Club Legend
Jun 29, 2015
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I know we are on a winning streak, but anyone who thinks we will Roll Richmond this week has rocks in their head :)

It wouldn't matter who we select, a 20-35point loss is about the best we could hope for if you ask me, they are a VERY good team, and they're in form.

With this in mind, let's keep showing the future - I, like all fans love this glimpse of what we have to look forward to in 2021+.

Frampton, Kelly, Gibbs, Hartigan

Walker, Talia, McHenry, Worrell

Talia gets his 200th, Tex gets a chance to break Mods record this week, McHenry gets another bite at it. First glimpse at Worrell :)

In all likelihood we keep Hartigan in to play on Lynch and Butts goes out, but fingers crossed.


FB: Brown / Butts / McPherson
HB: Worrell / Talia / Smith
C: Sholl / MCrouch / Sloane
HF: Lynch / Walker / Fogarty
FF: Stengle / Himmelberg / McAdam
FOLL: ROB / Schoenberg / Laird

INT: Jones / McHenry / Keays / BCrouch


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Jun 7, 2011
Port MacDonnell yay!!!
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Not really. In the end of the day, whilst Walker limped over the line, he had enough quality and longevity to get there, if he does.

The idea of "oh that record shouldn't be broken by a lesser player" is such an odd and pointless take. If it can be broken, break it. Push the bar higher.
There’s a difference between limping over the line and being gifted games to achieve these milestones. Especially when it’s to the detriment of the team and the replacement’s development is being impacted by not playing or squeezing into an unsuitable structure.

Betts are off

Norm Smith Medallist
Sep 28, 2016
AFL Club
The signs weren't good though for Butts .....I can see why the club likes his potential .....great pace, great kick

But he's no-where close to being an AFL grade footballer yet
I didn't get that TBH. I'm not saying you're wrong or not, just that I didn't think he was shown up too badly in both outings. I would say he's on a perfectly acceptable trajectory for a rookie listed KPD in his first 2 games.

In fact he's probably well ahead of his expected trajectory in many ways.


Brownlow Medallist
May 10, 2016
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Team I would go with:

Brown Talia McPherson
Smith Hartigan Sholl
Hamill?/Mackay Laird Sloane
McAdam Himmelberg Lynch
Stengle Walker/Fogarty Jones

ROB MCrouch Schoenberg

Keays BCrouch O'Connor

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