Preview Changes v Bulldogs - Rd 8 - Saturday 7:10pm May 15 @ AO

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Club Legend
May 2, 2011
silver sands
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
untried at AFL level.

perhaps Freeo, Hawks, Suns etc are the games to bring him in.

if it’s greasy like last week, I think Ladhams ground ball skills could be an advantage.
I just hope Ladhams is switched on as his last few performances at AFL level have been lacklustre and undisciplined. He is a big unit and needs to exert more authority at the contest.
If he wants to cruise...then we have other options.

Enviable Tradition

Professional Procrastinator
Oct 12, 2007
The Hills
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
Grundy will destroy Ladhams. This week was a great chance to get Hayes up to AFL speed against 2 gamer Sweet or English who Hayes would be as strong, if not stronger than. Poor selection, even if Ladhams has a good game.
I actually think Ladhams matches up better on Grundy than Hayes

Grundy's strength is around the ground which Ladhams can sort of match.

Hayes getting first hand to it is more important against the Dogs mids

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Guardian of the Duat
Sep 9, 2007
Portland, Oregon
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
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Dallas Cowboys, Chicago Bulls
Until Hayes has the tank to not be a liability defensively, we are always going to pick Ladhams. He's more in line with the philosophy of what we are trying to achieve.

It's all about position flex. Every single one of our players has to be able to play a secondary position to an acceptable level.

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