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Only Forwards

Brownlow Medallist
Aug 14, 2008
AFL Club
North Melbourne
Is that a good thing?

I'm all for winning at all costs, but cheap wins to bolster our ladder position artificially is different imo.
Beyond the first quarter vs Carlton we played ok.
I expect our 4 ins from last week to all be better for the run.
I think we'll beat Adelaide which means we probably have the best form we've had heading into the Geelong game.
If they rest half their team I expect ours to be up and about because of it.

Right or wrong they rest half their side I expect our players to be somewhat affronted.

But it's all theoretical until it's not.

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Norm Smith Medallist
Jul 5, 2010
Moist island
AFL Club
North Melbourne
Out MacMillan - In a witches hat

at least a ******* witches hat wont handball it to the ******* opposition for a goal.

“oh you are being too harsh on him everyone makes mistakes”, piss off, he’s a 200+ gamer, leadership group, continues to leak goals on the back of fu** ups

“oh but he marks the ball with such courage” - UNCONTESTED MARKS! get him out! Never to be seen again.

“Oh he played one good game last year” he should be having one stinker a year, not ******* 8 stinkers and pops up for a cameo performance here n there.

“oh, you are just using him as a scapegoat for self gratification” I fu**in was on this campaigners case when we were goin good.. so stick it up you arse. Ive been on his arse since the Metro vs Country game and he was scared of his own shadow.

Jamie traded to the salvos + 15k for a bag to clean out his locker
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