Preview Changes v Essendon - Round 15, 2021

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Oct 8, 2018
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Philadelphia Eagles
Light beers in Aus mean low or almost no alcohol- like 0.5%. I was always confused thinking Americans drank "light" beers when its actually low carb or something like that right?
Yea, light beers here are typically just watered down versions of an American lager. In this case Miller Lite, which is like 4-5% ABV.

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Bangkok Knights

Jun 22, 2021
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Didnt North offer BBB @700k /season and he knocked it back. I hope MFC is only paying 500k for him but seems odd.We could certainly use him at FF in Sept if T/Mac falters and he's fit.
Why are posters bagging Dees games all the time?
Essendon were pumped up to play the top side and had alot of players in hot form.We had played only one game in three weeks.
Most sides would have lost but we didnt.

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