Prediction Changes v GWS


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Aug 14, 2014
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Port Adelaide
It's still an early call on Marshall. We need him under a better coach.

Lockwood was not a failure. Tremendously talented. Played good games. Ahead of Tredrea earlier in age. His back injury failed him and has burdened his life.
Yeah I heard him on the radio talking about his issues with opiates and his ongoing struggle with his back. That's a genuine tragedy. He and Tredrea both fall into the 'or was injured beyond repair. ' part of my post. Tredrea's knee significantly hampered his career from 2006 on.

Yeah we will see with Marshall I guess.

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Jul 31, 2017
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Port Adelaide
Going to the game to catch up with my mates who, in recent years, have shared my pain, enduring much boring football.
Fortunately we do have that distant, shared memory of the 2004 premiership.
Oh, by the way, f off KKK.
That’s been the best bit about the football this year, catching up with mates, joking around and a lot of the time just taking the piss out of the club in general.


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Sep 8, 2017
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Port Adelaide
I definitely haven’t given up on Marshall , even Jack Riewoldt was ordinary at the same stage

Marshalls got the talent, don't know why people on this thread cant see it. He just needs time. I for one am not surprised with Dixon being dropped. A couple of times last week he did not even halve the contest so to speak. The delivery wasn't to his complete advantage but they were not terrible kicks either. Richmond then swung the ball to the open side where they had loose players and were off and running.
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