Prediction Changes v Port - Rd 9, 2021

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Norm Smith Medallist
Oct 9, 2014
AFL Club
Western Bulldogs
Out: Hannan, Lipinski
In: English, Weightman

Cordy for Young a possibility but I'm fine either way on that one

If Williams is healthy he comes in for Scott/Smith


Brownlow Medallist
Jun 29, 2013
AFL Club
Western Bulldogs

Hannan - cannot work out what anyone sees in this bloke. Couldn’t get a gig at a cr@p demons

Lipinksi - good VFL standard player but not cut for the real stuff.

Sweet - was better in second half but not great


Wallis - no one can tell me he doesn’t give us more than Hannan and Lipinski

Garcia or Weightman - why not?



All Australian
Aug 11, 2017
AFL Club
Western Bulldogs
Out: Hannan
In: English

Would be the only change I'd make. Really need to get some continuity. I watched Wallis in the VFL game, played as expected, tough and desperate in the contest. However, genuine liability with ball in hand. With the way we play, we can't afford to have poor kicks in our midfield. Weightman really close. Young was dominant in the air, I think he had 17 marks (5 intercepts), maybe more. Still think he needs to back it up for a few more games before he's considered.

Boyd oh Boyd

Premium Platinum
Nov 29, 2018
AFL Club
Western Bulldogs
Other Teams
Memphis Grizzlies
Didn't see the VFL game but sounds like Weightman is ready. If Vandermeer and English are fit those are two big ins.
I'm not sure who goes out but Lipinski and Hannan might be two of the options.

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