Preview Changes Vs Port Adelaide, round 3 2021

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Oct 3, 2007
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West Perth
I think the main thing today is for the boys, collectively, to show they are up for the contest. I think we could play pretty well and still get rolled by 5 goals given the gap in form and midfield quality.

If it turns into the same old handful left to do it all with 12-14 passengers actively avoiding the footy... We'll get done by 10+.
Things I would like to see.
Break even in contested ball.
Move the ball quicker to our forwards which is our strength.
Ryan to stop jumping over JK and JD and stay on the ground to use his skills as a weapon as a small forward.
Tackling to rise considerably.


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Aug 6, 2017
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West Coast
People make Port out to be terrifying!?
The worst that can happen is we biggie.
In the history of the Eagles, we've lost the odd game before,
we've also been in finals for long spells and won a few cups.
Who knows, we might win in a cliffhanger?
Hold the line gentlemen.

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Masten and Waterman
Feb 26, 2012
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West Coast
It's also showing us with a 5 man bench of Jones, Nelson, Brander, Langdon and Petruccelle. Langdon to sub? If Brander is the sub I will be very annoyed


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Sep 25, 2006
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West Coast
Brander to the ruck confirmed - we made it happen peeps.
Still got to get Brander into 22.

We’ve still ended up with Petro.

Does that mean we are going at less than 50%?

Is my glass half empty enough?

These thoughts reflect the football nous of someone who played 3 games in year 7.

No responsibility is taken for their accuracy.

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Looking for a cloud to yell at
Oct 11, 2006
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Shuey for O’Neill ✔

Mid for a mid and Exxon is 6th in line so he comes out

Achee Brander for Vardy ✔

Leaves us a ruckman down but realistically Vardy hadn’t been offering much. Gives us more run and another tall option forward and back. Probably should’ve been selected ahead of Achee in the first place

Petrucelle for Langdon 🤷‍♂️

Underperforming forward for underperforming forward. Langdon a little stiff perhaps. Petruccelle lucky depending on which match report from the WAFL scratchie you believe- journo was not impressed but club write up was far more positive. I guess the MC saw the clubs version of his game

Could’ve retained O’Neill and gone with an extra mid with a plan to use Shuey in the forward half a bit more

Second ruck and the last forward spot continue to be a selection headache for us due to Vardy/Langdon/Petch not taking their opportunity. Waterman and Williams can’t get up to speed quick enough as they’d both be in the side if fit right now
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