Changes vs Richmond

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Brownlow Medallist
Aug 25, 2013
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
Don’t want to bring SPP straight back in, but that piss weak performance justifies it.
Have a quite word with him before the game and tell him how lucky he is to be coming back in and give his team mate a lesson on effort.

Clurey for McKenzie, Hartlett for Bergman, Ladhams for Hayes and maybe make a statement and drop Dixon, had no impact what so ever.

Drew for SPP is on the cards, but our midfield has been mentally weak for years and we have much bigger problem.

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Bruce Light fan club
Jun 7, 2015
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
What did Amon do ?

Rocky concussed and out I’m for 12 days isn’t he ?
Went the bump instead of the spoil late in the game and got some minor head contact, could get 1 but hopefully nothing.

Rocky was targeted all night and went off in the last, not sure if concussed.

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