Preview Changes vs Saints (and Jam preference) - OMac, T Smith and Baker for Lockhart, Preuss and May

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Brownlow Medallist
Apr 18, 2005
AFL Club
Fruits of the Forrest ... I see no need to restrict it to one fruit .... I suppose you could call me the Hugh Hefner of preserves.
Too many flavours. And who decides all those fruits are found in the same forest? Also, plum as a jam is a formidable opponent to apricot under the right circumstances.

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Proper Gander

Owl whisperer and secret agent
Feb 15, 2015
South Yarra
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Mt Buller Demons
It means you’re right, but you genuinely need to taste a good fresh soft apricot.
Someone literally said that to me a few days ago. I’ve had an experience with artificially ripened supermarket apricots. Apparently straight off the tree and fully ripe they are a totally different experience

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