Roast Chapman intends to retire (within 12 months) ...

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Kane McGoodwin

May 21, 2001
Floating around the Universe
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Adelaide Crows
I think the optimum tenure time for a CEO/President is now down to 5 years (used to be around 7 a decade or so ago).

Chapman has definitely been there way too long.
The only reason a Chair should stay longer than usual is if they were really good/successful.

Given Tippett-gate, collective minds & the past 2 years, he has way outstayed his welcome.

Should resign now as part of the refresh of AFC.

Dixie Normous

Premiership Player
May 13, 2009
AFL Club
Did this dickhead embarrass himself on FiveAA again today?
He actually spoke pretty well I thought, the only thing that rankled with me was that he asked for some 'clean air' whilst the review is on. He said Pav is arriving tomorrow or Friday and that once the review is done, Dunstall will prepare a written report for the board and present it verbally in front of the board

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King Elvis

Hall of Famer
Aug 13, 2006
AFL Club
Can someone actually pin him down on a handover date?

Shouldn’t be hard, as he assures us it’s happening... just not with any specifics.

Western Stand Warrior

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Jul 27, 2004
Las Vegas
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I'd bet anything Chapman organised that article to be written. He has had his reputation tarnished so much in recent months he needed something like this to try and appear like he is in demand.
At some point this board is going to realise his reputation hasn't been tarnished and he's not as bad as what people on here like to make out.

Post AFC he will continue to be far more successful than any of us ever will be.


Hall of Famer
Jun 7, 2011
Port MacDonnell yay!!!
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It simply shouldn’t be a full time job. I wonder if he’s ever let go after filling the void when Triggy was suspended. I still wonder why have a COO. We’re a footy club that generates most of its revenue from season ticket sales, we play 22 times per year, we seek sponsorship and host events at games and a couple outside of games. Reality is that while the numbers are large, it’s not big business, it’s just a footy club. Their challenges are no different to the average ammo club or any other sporting club. It’s just that the numbers are bigger.

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