Charles Sutton Medal - Top 10 History

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All Australian
Jan 25, 2007
AFL Club
Western Bulldogs
Hi everyone, I have managed to find every Top 10 in the Charles Sutton Medal since 1996, and have put this together, if anyone would like to use the data to improve the table please feel free. Was hoping that somebody may know any information about the years prior to 1996 in regards to placings.

Some things I found interesting:
Jack Macrae has 7 top ten placings after 8 seasons, Marcus Bontempelli - 6 times in 7 seasons, Caleb Daniel - 5 times in 6 seasons.
Lukas Markovic & Daniel Bandy have each had top 10 finishes.

Charles Sutton Placings b.jpg

Year by Year.jpg

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