Universal Love Charlie ‘Chook’ Constable


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Feb 16, 2007
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Who would you pick?

Stanley and Crameri will probably not get up.
Cockatoo is line ball you'd think.

Hawkins, Menzel and Parfitt is 3 players. Need 6 + an I/C bench forward option.
If I were to choose based on JLT and the need for a small forward, then Jones or Fogarty. I thought Fogarty was stiff to miss JLT 2 and he's pressure is second to none.

As for the rest ... no idea at this stage given I don't know who we have available.

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Mar 13, 2006
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Fogarty or Miers should debut before him only because our forward 50 pressure is poor. But Constable seems a good prospect.
Its an interesting question. if Dangerfield is out and they want to play Ablett forward and Selwood back further. Then there is a small opening for Constable.

Being Geelong though I think they will probably be conservative and play both guns mainly midfield,closing that hole.

I can't see Fog or Miers getting a start while Kelly, Menegola, Gregson , Parsons, Cockatoo, Parfitt are available. I like JJ also but he still has few things to get on top of (e.g. keeping his feet in a contest) but even he has probably earn't his chance before Fogarty or Miers at this stage.

For what its worth Constable was listed at $26 for Rising Star much better than the other kids we have. Next best are Fogarty, Miers and Z Guthrie at $51. Do they know something?

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