Chelsea is neither here nor there

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Steven Gerrard

Club Legend
May 27, 2012
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Port Adelaide
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Liverpool, Melbourn Victory, 49ers
Ever wanted to know why fans of Liverpool, Man Utd and Arsenal sing about former and current club greats while Chelsea fans sing about Munich 1958 and Hillsborough? Well you’re about to find out.

You see, as a football club, Chelsea has no bragging points about anything. It is a club that is neither here nor there.

I watched a Rio Ferdinand podcast the other day where he said he couldn’t look Bobby Charlton in the eye until he had won the Champions League for United, notwithstanding that he had already won the league for United. He felt that he had only contributed to the history of Manchester United once he had helped it win the Champions League. So let’s start with the Champions League because most people and players around the world believe that is the pinnacle of club football. Then we will work our way down the trophy scale in order of importance.

Most Champions League titles won by an English club: Liverpool.

Most English league titles won: Manchester United.

Most FA Cups won: Arsenal.

Most League Cups won: Liverpool / Man City.

Nowhere is Chelsea mentioned. You can’t even give them credit for unique feats. For instance:

Greatest ever English team: Liverpool in the early 80s, as voted by Sky.

Most major trophies won by an English club: Liverpool.

Their back to back titles in the mid 2000s? Bettered by Liverpool and United which have both won hattricks.

Invincibles? No.

Never been relegated from the top flight? No.

Centurions? No.

Treble winners? No.

Miracle of Istanbul? No.

Corner taken quickly Origi? No.

Most fans? Liverpool fans outnumbered them 4 to 1 in the European Super Cup final. Chelsea likes to think it has a global fanbase. But let’s be honest, there’s levels. Compared to Liverpool and Manchester United, Chelsea has more sacked managers than it has fans.

Even when these plastics try to pretend that they have depth, eg when some of them pretended to be upset about Lampard being sacked, they went against the whole grain of how they usually behave when Abramovich sacks managers. Funny how they didn’t blink twice when other managers got sacked but acted all upset when Lampard got sacked. Rory Jennings, case in point. I bet if you asked them to name two managers, just two, of Chelsea before Mourinho, 99% of them couldn’t tell you without Googling it.

So what do they resort to? They limit their debates to the best club in London because they have bugger all else to brag about. And even their points about London are wishy washy. I am by no means an Arsenal fan, but Arsenal is an institution. In comparison, Chelsea is a vehicle which a Russian billionaire uses to cleanse his fortune. When Abramovich eventually moves on and Chelsea has to rely once again on its football revenue and not the oil money which has been fed into it via an umbilical cord, watch the cream of London rise to the top. Sorry Spurs’ fans, in case you thought for a split second that I was talking about Spursy, I’m not.

To conclude, when you have nothing to hang your hat on, nothing to brag about or be proud about, what you gonna do? Sing about disasters which have happened to other clubs, of course. That is how Chelsea fans roll. They did afterall, help originate the hard right movement in the 70s.

Thank you. That is all.

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Art Vandelay_

Oct 28, 2012
AFL Club
Other Teams
Bushrangers, AC Milan, Tottenham
How can this bloke ruin something as enjoyable as bashing the chavs. Very disappointing.

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