Certified Legendary Thread China History in the Making Part 2

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Harris Milstead

living in your head
Oct 8, 2019
Highland, Albuquerque
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Port Adelaide
The deal with MG is ‘clean’ so far as China game is concerned; no such snag in the fine print.

The intro to SAIC and thus to MG in Sydney was a result of connection via the annual match in Shanghai.

So we got our cake in the form of Gui, and with car sales going well thus far in Oz, which is MG’s focus, we get to eat it, too.
eers for that LR.

Enviable Tradition

Professional Procrastinator
Oct 12, 2007
The Hills
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Port Adelaide
In 2015 Loretta Lai of ANZ Bank introduced Mr. Gui (her Kidman-focussed client in WA) to PAFC and thus AFL at Adelaide Oval, and Gui instantly saw the image, marketing and personal-face value in going down in history as the man who brought Australian Football to China. Make that Shanghai, not China.
It was never our intention in the early stage, which includes Gui, to play a premiership round match in China. We did have longer-term vision to play an exhibition match in Shanghai but not until circa 2018-2020.
The Club’s basic aim was to secure by 2017 a $1,000,000 per annum China-based sponsor cum partner cum benefactor. That turned out to be Mr. Gui who not only showed up two or three years early but also brought with him his knee-jerk ambition for the Club to play in Shanghai.
KT was in a quandary as to what to do at first. Gui wanted to move at breakneck speed. At our lunch in the Foreign Correspondents’ Club in HK in Feb. 2016 KT quizzed me on how to go about things. Should he deal direct with Gui or go through us in HK? I told him he must deal direct with Shanghai, keep tight with Gui, keep a close personal eye on him, and play whatever pitches come back from Gui each on its merits.
We know now that it all went exhaustingly well for the Club ... until covid.
NB: Gui Guojie is still there, still keen on resuming the project asap. Hopefully in 2022.
The NB tells me that this will resume at some stage.

Thanks for the insights.

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Lockhart Road

Cultural Attache
Mar 26, 2013
Happy Valley Bar & Grill, Hong Kong
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Port Adelaide
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Port Adelaide Magpies
Lockhart Road
What’s things like in HK at the moment with CV19 and Beijing exerting their influence ?
Not affecting an afternoon in the Pro Drinkers corner I hope
We are havng the best non-winter HK has ever had. Clear blue skies, temperature mid twenties. Spending three or four afternoons a week in Pro Drinkers Corner, but trouble is covid restrictions have us vacate at six p.m. It’s just like the six o’clock swill again. The original ended one week before I went into the Army in 1967, now here it is back again.

We had a surge in cases a couple of months ago. Daily tally is now down to twenty and we’re hopeful the social rules will be relaxed a bit after Chinese New Year next weekend.

Beijing doesn’t affect our daily lives, just those of the seriously protest-minded. I could go deeper into the pros and cons if this was the politics thread.

Thank you for thinking of us up here.


Flick pass expert
Nov 16, 2004
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Port Adelaide
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The Mighty Blacks
Today, Port Adelaide – that in 2011 could not get past the lobby of multinationals to present sponsorship opportunities – has backing from a UK giant (GFG Alliance), a Chinese powerhouse (MG cars) and an American monolith (KFC from Colonel Sanders in the PepsiCo empire).

Did Koch spin the bolded bullshit to Rucci, or is Rucci still living in the 1990's??

They spun off all their restaurants into a seperate company on the NY Stock Exchange called Tricon Global Restaurants and offered 1 share in the new company for every 10 held in PepsiCo. They listed on the NYSE in September 1997. They changed their name to YUM! Brands inc or just YUM as per their stock exchange symbol around 2001 or 2002. Pepsi after spinning them off, weren't back in 1997 and aren't today, a significant shareholder.

Pepsi stitched them up with long term supply contract for their beverages. Plus the new company had to pay a one-time distribution of $4.5 USD billion at the time of the spinoff.


Club Legend
Mar 1, 2014
in a parallel universe
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Port Adelaide
"Realistically, Australia's prickly politics with China isn't even close to being over yet, in fact it might be the new normal.
The best case scenario now, is to find some sort of middle ground."

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