Coach Chris Scott - coach of the year?

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Brownlow Medallist
Oct 28, 2006
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got them there on the back of a massive home ground advantage which is undeniable. They get found out when they get tot he finals. You have to ask why? Finals records is all that counts and his is deplorable
You’re talking about a massive home ground advantage!!!

BTW, Cats won more away than at home in 2019

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Tiger Toffee

May 22, 2014
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Did we only play 16 games in 2019? What am I missing here?
You said the games you WON, you obviously included the final which backs your argument at 9-8 but I thought you were only talking home and away wins which was 8-8.


Norm Smith Medallist
Nov 14, 2012
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Western Bulldogs
Chris Scott (The Losses) Location and Team, Home and Away only excluding finals. (2011 to 2019)

MCG: 16 x Losses
Marvel: 8 x Losses
GMHBA: 8 x Losses
SCG: 2 x Losses
Metricon: 2 x Losses
Adelaide Oval: 4 x Losses
AAMI Stadium: 2 x Losses
Optus Stadium: 3 x Losses
Domain Stadium: 5 x Losses
Gabba: 2 x Losses
Canberra: 1 x Loss
ANZ Stadium: 1 x Loss

Total Losses = 54

GWS Giants: 2 x Losses, GMHBA x 1 and Canberra x 1.
Port Adelaide: 2 x Losses, Adelaide Oval x 2.
Western Bulldogs: 2 x Losses, Marvel x 2.
Hawthorn: 6 x Losses, MCG x 6.
Fremantle: 4 x Losses, GMHBA x 1, Optus x 1, Domain x 2.
Brisbane: 2 x Losses, Gabba x 2.
West Coast: 5 x Losses, Optus x 2, Domain x 3.
Sydney: 7 x Losses, GMHBA x 4, SCG x 2, ANZ x 1.
Essendon: 3 x Losses, MCG x 2, Marvel x 1.
Richmond: 2 x Losses, MCG x 2.
Collingwood: 6 x Losses, MCG x 6.
Adelaide: 4 x Losses, Adelaide Oval x 2, AAMI Stadium x 2.
Gold Coast: 2 x Losses, Metricon x 2.
Carlton: 1 x Loss, Marvel x 1.
St Kilda: 1 x Loss, Marvel x 1.
Melbourne: 1 x Loss, GMHBA x 1.
North Melbourne: 4 x Losses, GMHBA x 1, Marvel x 3.

Total Losses = 54

A rare insight into the nine year Home and Away record of the great Chris Scott against all comers with no
mention of the F word Finals, only in the horrible year of 2015 did Chris Scott fail to qualify for Finals
funny enough Geelong recorded three losses at GMHBA Stadium in the year of 2015. There is a DVD that
may be available at reputable DVD outlets called Chris Scott excusing greatness. Typing is not fun or I
would have punched out the results looking for a common thread.


Brownlow Medallist
Jul 13, 2015
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OP should change this to Coach of the 21st Century.

Then the mods can move it to The Bay. Where it belongs.


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Apr 17, 2016
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The "experts" called Geelong "too old and too slow" after it was bundled out of the 2010 finals by Collingwood. It's game plan was stale. Geelong's best player in the PF was Gary Ablett who walked out of the club. And you reckon "anybody" could have coached Geelong top another premiership?

Geelong were 3rd favourites at $8 to win the flag in 2011 which is far from being written off by your so called experts.

This is how Fox Sports analyzed our 2011 season:

Gary is gone, the coach has bolted, but there're still plenty of reasons for Geelong to head into 2011 with hope in their hearts. Matthew Scarlett and Harry Taylor are rocks at the back and the midfield still has Jimmy Bartel and Joel Selwood leading the way. Not the invincibles they have been but still in the mix.
Premiership odds: $8
Value rating: 7/10 - if the old blokes are fresh they're a lock for the top four.
Brownlow best: Joel Selwood will get more air time no there's no Gary Ablett. At $11, he's a good chance to at least place. Jimmy Bartel is a juicy $67.


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