Society/Culture Christchurch mosque killer’s theories seeping into mainstream, report warns

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Talons B Sharp
Sep 26, 2012
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Ash B,Roger, Serena, Rafa, Novak,
Chief started one of these Nazis, Nazis Everywhere! threads off the back of a buzzfeed article once. Standards haven't improved much.

Shandog has put in a power of work trying to drag this board into the 21st century, but we still have a ways to go.

Might be an idea for posters to actually read studies/research/reports before they hit the Post Thread button.
NO.. the easily manipulated and quick and the 'dead' are always entertaining.. the lack of stutter or else the person who
rushes in with all guns blazing create the amusing context of a true thought process...


Norm Smith Medallist
Jul 21, 2009
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Half of it is being promoted by politicians and the media pushing their own agenda. Took all but a second before politicians and the media starting pointing fingers at Trump and then the second amendment. Then how every conservative should be banned, ban gab, ban 4chan, ban everyone so we can make more echo chambers and create more of a divide. That's a good way to cut out the pushing more impressionable people to them :drunk:. The media couldn't care less about the incidents or that they are helping to increase the prevalence. They just want a story, some clicks, and some money.

Also, while doing that make sure you sweep other stuff under the rug. Ban PJW from social media for highlighting the double standards in France and the lack of reporting when it comes to attack on all things Christian.

Be sure to down play the Sri Lanka Easter bombings by calling them 'Easter Worshippers' and get others to call it 'islamaphobia' if you suggest they were responsible...despite Islamic terrorists being responsible...

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That language is clearly chosen to avoid exacerbating division between christians and muslims. Didn’t you say something about that in your post, like 6 sentences earlier?
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