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Feb 18, 2000
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North Melbourne
For sale:

One dummy, excellent condition. Formerly used by a Kangaroo fan, but ideal for Briswhine fans. Contact warm and fuzzy members of the North Melbourne Forum (who have it for safekeeping) c/o Big Footy. Price: Corey McKernan's annual salary ONO.


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Dec 5, 2000
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Has anybody seen a dummy lying around ? I thought it was over here somewhere ......never mind, I have found it. Now why don't you guys try one, instead of sucking each other's thumbs.
Those are your thumbs aren't they ??


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Dec 6, 2000

Some of us are.

Jesus if we agree all the time how can we get better - like a board or committee at a football club.

Unbelievable the backslapping that goes on in here ... a distinct lack of passion and killer instinct, something North has diluted over the last couple of years on the field, and it seems our supporters are prepared to accept mediocrity.

These observations are based solely on last year.

For a start, McKernan is a disgrace fo the dollars he is paid, Shannon Grant's head is bigger than even a Norm Smith Medallist should have, Archer thinks he is above the law and plays accordingly, Simpson needs to rediscover the hunger he has had in previous years to become a topline midfielder, Harvey has got to start playing well in big games, Burton, well, no more needs to be said, McCartney has been solid, Martyn needs to be fit as does lazy Byron friggin Pickett who should be playing in the midfield except his ass is bigger than Calthorpe's at the start of every year, Abraham can just head off, Motlop needs to spend more time on the ground in contests because he has potential, Blakey is a fine wine just getting better, Stevo will hopefully recover fully and as for the likes of Clayton, Cochrane, Makepeace et all - spare me the trouble.

So come back CIK, your opinions are mirrored to a degree and a Mutual Admiration Society is no way to get better or incite decent conversation.

Jim Krakouer's roving partner


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Dec 6, 2000
As for Leiggh Colbert, I can but shake my head.

And I dont want to hear about his injuries, paid the big bucks play footy like the King.

Is there such a thing as a soft tissue injury at North.

Damn soft Corio dud.

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I have to agree. The niceness of this whole site makes me frigging sick.
It was refreshing to hear comments from CIK, KHM and the Galloping Gasometer. People who were not afraid to express an open opinion which may not have conformed with the "norm" or may have breach some pathetic rule of the Board. Being a new comer to this site I have watch for a couple of days the banter that goes on. I can't believe the bulls@#t regulation or the so called unwritten laws of this site. What a load of crap. Lets not forget it is suppossed to be an open forum. Let everyone have their opinion. Lets encourage people who dare to be different and break the sickening trend of ass kissing that goes on in here. It makes for much better reading and much better conversation. You want a reason why the topics are so ordinary at the moment. Its because everyone is being so bloody nice and agreeing with everyone else. People are to soft to express a real opinion. Its not a forum, its a "cult". Everybody being entitled to the opinion of a few but not being entitled to their own opinion.
I am happy to read the views of people on underperforming players or people who are prepared to commit one on the most heinous crimes of all, going into the site of another club and stiring up trouble.This should be encouraged. Wake up to yourselves and enjoy the site for what it is or what it can be. Don't get sucked into having to conform with some of the boring crap and regulation that goes on. North Melb have never been conformists. It would be a pity to see its supporters being so.
SO CIK, come back. KHM and GG love your work. Keep it up and keep me entertained.
I offer a challenge to the Kangaroo Board. Lets dare to be different and lets have the best board on this site. Lets drop the niceties of it all. Lets get down and dirty and discuss all the issues - not just the prissy , pansy issues.
Bring in on.

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