Citi Bank to end Sponsorship deal at the end of current contract (end of 2019 season)


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Oct 2, 2016
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Haven't seen any mention of this on the board. Can't believe it's been 15 years now

Sydney, Australia: Following a strategic review, Citi Australia will move to better align its sport sponsorship assets in Australia with the bank’s global partnerships. As a result, the partnership between Citi and the Sydney Swans will conclude at the end of the current contract, coinciding with the end of the 2019 AFL playing season.

This move follows Citi’s recent announcement to partner with the International Paralympic Committee and support National Paralympic Committees in 18 countries, including Australia, as they prepare for upcoming World and Regional Championships, and the Tokyo Paralympic Games in 2020.

Citi is also the global partner of the Presidents Cup golf tournament, a unique team event showcasing the best international golfers outside Europe who compete for the honour. It will be held at the Royal Melbourne Golf Course in December. One of the key attributes of this tournament is all players who participate do so for charity. To date, more than US$49.1 million has been donated to worthy causes since the tournament began.

Guy Matthews, Citi’s Head of Corporate Affairs for Australia and New Zealand says: “Citi is proud of its 15-year partnership with the Sydney Swans and all we have achieved together. We first partnered with the Swans in 2005 and in the same year Sydney celebrated premiership success. We wish the club well in the future.”

“Aligning our local sponsorships with our global partnerships will enable us to increase our brand awareness in key segments more effectively, and better integrate our local community efforts. “

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Always wondered what would be the reason for a company to end a sponsership deal with a high exposure club like ours?
I think a reason would be that they aren't expanding their banking services throughout Australia as much anymore (branches have been closed and can't make deposits at their remaining ones) and thus don't need to promote themselves locally and hence realigning their sponsorship's to more international teams and events which have a tie in both locally and overseas which we can't provide.

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May 10, 2014
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Ah so you're one of those people at the footy..
Yes, I AM! I'm loud, I chant, I yell and cheer and sing! I boo umpires and make derisive noises while the opposition are shaping up to kick! And what's more... I AM NOT ASHAMED!

Clappers are the best things EVER!
They so are... they stop my hands from aching after a game from clapping so much!

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Jul 9, 2015
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I remember back a 3-4 years ago whenever a new poster popped up on the board Millky95 would within 5 minutes be there with the "Welcome to the board [smiley face]" post and a stream of likes without fail.

#backontopic makes perfect sense with the red and white brand colouring :thumbsu:

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