Classic Tom Browne Moments

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The 747

Brownlow Medallist
Jan 19, 2008
AFL Club
Tom proves that university degrees are something that can be purchased or earned.

Most aren't interested in his sports commentary and that is his job. Sure as hell not interested in his equally ill-informed political opinions.
A university degree tends to reward persistence, much more than intelligence. And you have to admit young mate Tom (although he looks like old mate) is persistent.

Pistol Night

Premiership Player
Sep 3, 2019
AFL Club
This thread is fun and all but there is something NQR with his brain.
The way he constucts paragraphs is like hes on crack. Just random, half related sentences thrown into 1 clusterfu** of a setup. Lucky Twitter has a character limit or the dickhead would keep going and really make a knob of himslef. If thats even possible.

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Shane Heard

Norm Smith Medallist
Mar 11, 2018
AFL Club
I am fooking old and pretty savvy with I.T regardless of the reception. I dont think Browne is a "campaigner " as you all call him. I think he is fooking banana's
yeah nah ...he’s a campaigner ..a dumb one.

He’s a menace ..a toxic gossip boy who genuinely believes the entire AFL world sits around waiting for his pulsating breaking news stories about things such as what players are having for dinner and other vitally important topics.

And day after day ...week after week...he pumps out tweets that most of the time make absolutely no sense whats so ever.

So yeah...he’s a peanut

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