Classic Tom Browne Moments

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beema limapep

Oct 29, 2017
AFL Club
This thread has soooooooo much just KNOW its going to deliver!


Trust the Process
Apr 27, 2010
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76ers, Melbourne Roys
Reckon he reads BigFooty.

Last year we had a few posters on the Tigers board who would give us updates about player contracts, trades etc. I remember one day reading some news (I think about Tom Scully) from one of these posters, and then a few hours later Tom Browne said the the same news in a twitter post, almost word for word.
Tiges board collectively pi**ed themselves and I think he started blocking people on twitter asking about him having BigFooty sources for a while too lmao.
I started pushing a story that Tim Kelly had brought a house in Geelong, it is more disappointing to me than TK leaving that Browne didn't run with it :(


Premiership Player
Jun 4, 2010
Fogarty St
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North Melbourne
He seems like the sort of bloke that always wears a suit, purely because he owns a suit.

He boundary rides for MMM on Friday night's, most radio people are in jeans and a hoodie ffs. He is a mungbean.

People getting blocked by him on Twitter, is eerily similar to Brad McNamara's efforts a couple of years ago.
My theory is he is obsessed with Eddie, and so he dresses like him

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Pragmatic Shill

Premiership Player
Jul 2, 2017
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Can't find the clip but there's a good example of Bucks at a post-match presser sitting down, Browne goes to ask a question and Bucks says "nah mate, someone else can ask the first one tonight."

As for BigFooty sources. Start of the season Lynden Dunn was coming back from his ACL, played in a VFL practice match (was the evening of Pies v Richmond in Round 2). We had a thread on the Pies board about the match. One of the users posted a photo of Lynden Dunn with the trainers straight after he re-injured his knee, said she was directly behind where Dunn was. A couple of minutes later Browne posts the photo on his Twitter, no source provided.

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