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Sep 21, 2017
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Just wanted to get some other views and ideas.
I’ll be coaching U13 girls next footy season and was with the U11’s this year.
What I’ve noticed is the amount of these girls who haven’t come thru Auskick or have a really small base of experience with skills and footy knowledge ie positions, terms and simply how to play.
I don’t have a strong Aussie Rules background only played till U18 but played other team sports other skills based games and I know you can’t fast track skills, you just have to do it thousands of times to get confidence and become proficient.
My view is 90-95% of the game is without the footy...
I want to bring up their knowledge of how to play positions but I’m struggling to think of ways to encourage them to play with purpose without the ball.
I’m just looking for ideas to help build the idea in the kids to...

1 play for your team mates
2 make an option
3 reward your team mates
4 run and support together

Like I said, I can’t speed up their ability to kick, handball etc but I reckon if I focus on how to play as teammates and how to play without the ball theyre improving and the kids who stick with it, theyre skills will eventually improve.

Anyone got some tips or drills or ideas to help push that?
And even team building try and give em something to practice and celebrate if they pull it off in a game. It doesn’t have to be scoring related.
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