Collingwood and Richmond - who has the greater supporter base

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Mar 13, 2022
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Facts are facts!!! Numbers don’t lie

Yeah see this is why pies supporters don’t know what they are talking about. Basic maths you learn in high school say you don’t look at raw numbers on there own, you have to put them in context to tell the whole story.


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Jan 14, 2002
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It proves how fair-weather their fans are.
Hang on, I actually don't think Richmond are a bigger club than Collingwood in many senses, but you can't have it both ways. You can't have posters using the "poor weather" excuse for why so many Pies fans stayed away from a cutthroat final, yet then accuse other supporters of being fair-weather. I went to both of those finals, and let me tell you the atmosphere at both was very different.

Whichever is the bigger club - and I don't even really care that much, just being in Collingwood's ballpark is a compliment in this respect and makes Richmond a massive organisation - people need to get their heads together and get their story straight.

Every club has fair-weather fans. Every club has bandwagon fans. If you deny it of your own club you're kidding yourself.

Even the mighty Eagles, who are a corporate juggernaut and have to refuse entry to many supporters on home games (do they even allow walk-ups when they're successful?), have conspicuously dwindling crowds this year when their team is struggling to be competitive onfield. And I thought they were pretty much bulletproof in this department.

FWIW, I highly suspect most supporters on Bigfooty are far from bandwagon, so taking potshots at them and their club about being "fair-weather" won't get much traction. We see it at every club.

Fact is, Richmond have had the most members over a sustained period of 6 years now. It spiked in 2018 after a flag (up 38%), but so did the Pies in 2011 (up 48%). Even in a losing grand final years the Pies had a spike (up 18%) in 2018. Does this make "Richmond bigger than Collingwood"? Probably not - there's a host of other metrics possibly more valid. And like I said, merely being in the conversation with the Pies (and the Blues, and the Bombers and Eagles) is a great achievement - they're an immense organisation.


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Feb 4, 2001
East Burwood
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How much s**t have Essendon fans put up with for two decades ? This Saturday v sydney will be interesting , crowd wise. Actual game ? Another belting.


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Apr 26, 2004
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How much s**t have Essendon fans put up with for two decades ? This Saturday v sydney will be interesting , crowd wise. Actual game ? Another belting.
Essendon’s floor attendance is arguably the best of the big Victorian clubs, if we put aside the year the players were banned (2016).

Essendon crowds at the MCG always draw much better than if held at Marvel Stadium. Mainly due to its high number of AFL / MCC members as well as the fact many Essendon supporters avoid Marvel and only go to games at the G. My brother is taking his kids to their first game of the year next week because it’s in a kid friendly time slot and it’s at the G.

Against all of this, Essendon supporters long ago gave up on the year and are staying home to watch games. Therefore, logic says a crowd somewhere between 30-40,000 is likely.

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